Remembering the Day

On the bedside table this our 2nd Anniversary Morning. Sweet :-)

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Afternoon sport in the backyard

Sarah has a lot of white socks. And a lot of those white socks have holes in them...

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The beauty of a tree

The beauty of two different trees in the Bay Area. One in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco and the other in downtown Oakland.

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Desperate or smart?

The Mission or the Tenderloin, it's all the same. Pic taken this morning on Jones street.

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On our way back to SF from Sausalito.

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A lazy day on the Bay

The Bay and the most beautiful city in the world in the distance. Photo taken from Sausalito.

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Our own Golden Gate Bridge

Got a nice photo of the GGB through the roof of Sarah's convertible today...

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Geary street

Well, we're in San Francisco after all...

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Went to Source today with my friend David. I can't remember I have ever left this place without a large chunk of the burger still on my plate. They are huge.

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Close to the edge...

Sarah is not as fond of the sun as I am but she occasionly goes out there when she feels the urge. This is on the roof of her friend Kathy's place, just a block from our rental in SF. She has the nerve to lie down close to the roof edge seven stories above the street. Jeez I got scared and mad at the same time when I saw her.

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Rincy got a little sister

The North Tower or Tower Two at One Rincon Hill (to the left) was more or less completed earlier this year. Sarah and I had a crush on this place a few years ago and we actually will register for a priority notification :-)

More on this new SF epicenter: One Rincon Hill

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4th of July brunch

4th of July brunch. Richard (my father in law) dropped by and Sarah cooked us a little treat ;-)

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Shade House Cat

Cherry likes our backyard. But when the hose comes out she's nowhere to be seen :-)

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Lakeshore Avenue

This is where Yimmie and Jessie lived before they moved to Potrero Hill.

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Under the ever blue California sky

Soaking up some sun at Lake Merritt.

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Nothing beats North Beach

We left the bustling Financial district for out beloved North Beach. This is the perfect place to hang out hot days and grab some food, some drink and just enjoy life.

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Parade day

One million people is estimated moving about downtown SF today for the Pride Parade. It's hot, it's humid and it's party in every corner.

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Everytime I enter Powell street station I see this sign. It's Norwegian airlines that set up a new line between Oakland and Stockholm this April. It says nonstop but it's only partly true. Some of the departures make a stop in Oslo for a few hours. So be advised. Some of the stops can be up to 6 hours long!

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Another Dolores

Dolores street, San Francisco, CA.

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Marocco? No, Dolores street, San Francisco, CA.

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My favorite burrito of all time when I'm in East Bay: A Cajun smoked tofu burrito. Sooo good!

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Happy Midsummer

We've just had our breakfast, Sarah's on her way to work and it struck me it's Midsummer's Eve in Sweden this very Friday. Actually one of the biggest Swedish holidays. How I'm gonna celebrate it half a world away? Why not by flipping through the Collector's Edition Guide to Dark Souls 2! :-)

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G'morning Nob Hill

We're staying at our downtown apartment for a few days due to water shut off at our house in Sausalito. This is Sutter street in its Tuesday morning hue.

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How do you get back to the 60's? On a trip. A trip to Haight Ashbury.

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Our backyard plants. Easy to take care of, easy to forget and easy... [fill in desired expression]

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There's only one way...

The new and "refurbished" highrises in the Civic Center area are coming up nicely. Photo taken from our rental in downtown San Francisco June 13 2014.

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Weekend party on the beach.

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One friggin popular beach

Anfi del Mar...

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Much ado behind bars and codes

Along the ocean trail to Anfi there are quite a few "gated communities". Here are two of them.

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Smashing records

It's been out for only a week but sold 4 million copies already. Now is that a major success or what. Daym!

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Pounding waves

High surf advisory today, just like in Ocean Beach in San Francisco. These waves are quite dangerous. There's almost no wind but the waves are slamming.

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Private pool

Hmm... for some strange unknown reason this looks so darn enticing.

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Ocean view

Sarah returned to Barcelona for a hectic work week today and I will start my own little vacation before I meet up with her and we fly back to San Francisco.

I got myself a unit at the hotel I stayed at 2 years ago in Arguineguin: Dorado Beach. Fun to return to a place you already know. I love the big balcony and this is the beautiful early evening view of the ocean...

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Day of the Canary Islands

At the beach of Montsemar the locals are gearing up for today's Dia de Canarias.

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More Bioshock and RDR coming our way

Strauss Zelnick has confirmed at an analyst conference that Take-Two are planning to release more games for the Bioshock and Red Dead Redemption IP:s. That's good news. I love both of them but especially RDR. I didn't finish it because of my own fault by saturation but I'll be forking out for a day one buy upon release.


Smooth sail

My new travel laptop which is at the same time a gaming laptop works fine. It weighs in at about 9 lbs but it's doable. Going through airport security is a smooth sail and it's totally equipped for running Watch Dogs at reasonable settings.

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Chicago hack blues

OK, so Watch Dogs is out. I'm gonna be playing it throughout the summer on PC. There are some reviews out there for you, who still are reluctant (shame on you!), but they are almost exclusively on console. Check a few of them out:



Golden oldie

Perry is getting old, old and gray...

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Happy Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Sarah is doing her compulsory (as I call it) workout in a gym and I´m enjoying taking in the GC feeling in our hotel close to Las Canteras. We were here 2 years ago and I liked it a lot, Sarah was more so-so. But she was, and now is, here to work. I never met a woman more passionate about her job than Sarah. Like a fish in the ocean is a cliché but damn it's spot on :-)

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From bustling Barcelona to the laidback Gran Canaria

Barcelona-Las Palmas flight today Thursday. A quick shot after the plane made a u-turn before landing at Las Palmas airport.

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A quick stop in Barcelona

Arrived in Barcelona this afternoon, a day later than planned. Everything went smooth however, but it looks like our 4 days here will be only one (!). Sarah needs to go to Las Palmas and THEN back to Barcelona because of a flaw in the organizational setup. And I'm not gonna make that loop, especially not since she needs to stay in Barcelona more than a week after Las Palmas. So I've decided to take a week off on Gran Canaria while she's messing around with her stuff :-) I definitely need it. Soak up some sun and just feel off the hook before we leave for San Francisco.

But Barcelona seems like a nice city. We rushed from our hotel to a place called Park Guell, something you apparently need to see if you're around these parts. I have no clue what to gawk at else in this densely populated city so I would not feel amiss if we'd just leave for the hotel and spend some quality time together :-)

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Let's hack the city

Watch Dogs is due in little more than a week. Ubi made a little video of a prank they pulled. Staged or not - it's pretty cool :-)


When things start heating up

The upcoming week will be another scorcher for the City. The second heat wave in a short time will hit the Bay Area and places like Livermore may hit record highs for this time of the year. Sarah told me they are expecting triple digits. That's not comfortable. But I'd take any heatwave over the lousy spring weather in Stockholm. It's chilly and dull, as usual. Can't wait to fly out next week!


Pic that makes me homesick

Got a pic taken from Sausalito Yacht Club this morning (you can see San Francisco in the distance) after a phone call from Jason who is checking on our house while the winter tenants are abroad. Sarah is in Seattle and I am in Stockholm. I am looking so forward to leave for my hometown next month!!


Happy Easter Holidays!

Happy Easter Holidays ya'll! Sarah called me last night and yapped about a property in Berkeley that caught her attention. Usually she doesn't wince when East Bay comes up but this one is different. It's a beautiful 1925 house in Claremont for $1.8M. Open House on Easter Sunday. She said she would probably go there and have a peek.

Photos: Liz Rusby


Anchor tenant renames Transbay Tower

Transbay Tower, the huge new skyscraper slated for a 2017 completion is about to be renamed after the main tenant Salesforce, a cloud computing company which has landed a deal to lease half the building. "Salesforce Tower" will be the new name. Hm... I can almost hear the tax breaks kicking in, making this deal possible...


Everyone needs 12gb of frame buffer :-)

I have always been a PC gamer. Not that consoles aren't good enough. I think games ought to be played in a nice chair on a 60 inch TV screen - not leaned forward over a keyboard. But I like good visuals and to be able to tweak stuff, visuals as well as UI and configuration files. And now Nvidia has announced its latest $3000 monster GPU: Titan Z. Do I have to get it? I don't think so, but part of me wants to say: Does the sun rise in the east?


Going to Amsterdam

Going to meet up with Sarah in Amsterdam for the last time before I go to San Francisco again in May. The new enlarged Terminal 2 at Arlanda Airport is looking good.