Friday lunch break

Having lunch break in a San Francisco park is soothing.

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North Bay

Went to San Rafael today with Jason.

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A lazy August Sunday afternoon in Sausalito.

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A modest dinner...

When we arrived this afternoon at the Top of the Mark it was very relaxed. We usually go to The Fairmont but this year we wanted a more laidback approach. Our very modest anniversary dinner took only 2 hours to finish :-)

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Yep, that's Trump's hiney

Gotta love Trump's butt. People taking pictures of the Trump statue at Market and Castro.

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Oaktown is da shiznit

Frickin' 12th Street Oakland, bro!

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They finally getting the hang of it

Couldn't believe my eyes today at our community barbecue. There was a separate grill for veggies (!).

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Sweet home Sausalito

Vina del Mar Park, Sausalito

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Everybody wants to go to Sausalito

This is how the afternoon ferry looks like in the summer. 90% tourists and 10% locals. I don't mind but the embarkation procedure takes forever...

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San Francisco subway

An "anti" liberal take on the "hipster demographic" (cf. techies) in this city.

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15th Avenue, San Francisco

Trevor's new home (white car) on 15th avenue in the Sunset district with ocean view. Gorgeous.

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Garden staying alive

With no actual water restrictions this summer not only the succulents but also the other plants and flowers can thrive.

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How much more blue can this be? None more blue.

Totally stayed at home today to get maximum rest. And what is better to boost your health with than a spectacular view over the Bay...

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Oh, I thought the painting on the wall wasn't hanging straight

Millennium Tower is sinking! It's the tallest residential tower in San Francisco, only four feet taller than One Rincon Hill. It has sunk 16 inches in 8 years and even tilted 2 inches. Bad construction decisions and possible problems induced by neighboring construction sites as the Transbay Center could be the cause.

Read more at SF Gate

South Park

Went to work AND the doctor today. Nice combination, eh? Don't worry. I just shifted some very lightweight papers and then grabbed some grub with Jake (the meanest looking programmer on Earth) in South Park.

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Get well soon flowers

Sweet! This morning a bunch of co-workers knocked on the door and handed over some beautiful get well flowers :-)

Thanks, you are the best!

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Thank you all for wishing me get well!

As you know I'm on sick leave for the rest of the week. Jason, who feels super sorry for me made me a pizza this morning. A rich, typical Jason-pizza with fake sausage. Yes, even Sarah loves it ;-)

And to the rest of you, thank you all for wishing me get well. My inbox is bursting with loving words!

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Mission street

A piece of authentic vintage Mission, San Francisco.

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Firing up the grills again. Community barbecue in Sausalito.

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Are you potent enough, Mr. Trump?

Hey Mr. Trump, if you wanna make America great again you've got to take care of other pressing matters first.

Scribbled on a bench in North Beach.


A Gandalf in need of a beard trimming

Everytime I see the palm tree outside Jason's and Jill's house I think of calling the barbershop. This guy is in serious need of a shave.

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Summer in Oakland, California.

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Steve's zombie porch lamp

Gotta love the lamp on Steve's porch in the Marina. It's like straight out of a Romero movie.

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Natural light

Much of the "midsection" of our house is still intact 1970's. This is where the natural light is most playful and you can read without a lamp most part of the year.

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Pay attention to life, folks

Everyone is playing Pokémon Go right now. It's so annoying...



If you're from a country where the letter ä is part of the alphabet the ads from Häagen-Dazs are funny. "Äah!" is supposed to be a universal word for "indulgence" says the ice cream producer. It is actually something that reminds of "yuck" or "eew!" if you're Swedish.

Whales in the Bay

San Francisco is awesome. Even the whales come to tell us they want to join the praise :-)

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Late lunch

Usually I don't eat pizza for lunch, but today I'll be working late. So pizza it is!

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Ferry catching

During the tourist season every embarking procedure takes forever, especially with all the bikers.

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Remember we're all tied together

On my Friday off I went for the 3-mile walk around the reservoir. The Park Ranger had the flag flown at half staff in honor of the victims of the Dallas shooting.

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Richmond of San Francisco

San Francisco is a sprawling city. This is a wide shot of Richmond district of San Francisco taken from Jake's drone.


Pho you! I want my joint back!

One of my favorite veggie restaurants in Chinatown closed for good in January. Now there's some Vietnamese eatery at the location. Never checked it out as it's not serving my kind of nourishment.


Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July from the Greatest City on Earth!


Never rush a Sunday dinner

Is she enjoying the food or the conversation? You can never really tell...

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Went Indian today

Naan & Curry serves pretty good lunch platters. And to my knowledge they are the only one making Palak Paneer spicy by default.

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Spicy noodle soup. I break into sweat everytime!

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Love from Sausalito

On my way to the ferry and work on this beautiful Monday morning. A snapshot of Princess street leading to the main street Bridgeway of our beloved Sausalito.

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Last community BBQ before the 4th of July holidays

Community bbq today. And half of that stuff is mine. Guess which items?

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Hot weather - hot food

Fried jalapeno tofu. Yummi!

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Full yellow jacket

Hmm... we've got yellow jackets on our favorite hiking trail. Well I'm not gonna stir them up. But I'm not so sure about all the ball crazy kids and dog walkers...


Welcome to California

We're gonna get fried, literally. Intense heat is building up over us...

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Everyday life

Me waiting for the bus after work. Yes, SF is full of everyday blues. Big time.


SF subway ad of the week

ThredUp is endorsing a lifestyle blogger to come up with a statement that is so generic it makes you blush under your toe nails. This is the hometown of ingenuity, originality and pride, dammit!

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Happy Father's Day, Rick!

"Simplicity is a virtue", said Richard when we presented our lasagna. And it was magnificent in its simplicity. In short: a success. We had the best Father's Day dinner ever. Perfect on a hot day like this.

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Ashbury Heights, San Francisco, CA

The house right across the street from where Jason and Jill live is such a crib!

Human nature

Yes, that's right. I think this is funny. Because it actually strikes a truth for once (about us humans - not the climate!).


If we want it, it's over

John Lennon/Yoko Ono esthetics in a window in Mission district, San Francisco.

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Norman's back

Norman and Hideo are back. But is that PT hanging in the umbilical cord *cough*


Got a quarter, bro?

Gotta love these ancient vintage phone booths in the SF subway. Feels like you're still in the 80's.


North Beach Festival

Good 'ol North Beach Festival. The 62nd. A fun mix for everyone in such a great neighborhood.

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California sauna

Taking the Muni 6 to Jake from Ferry Plaza. One thing: Never ride a bus on a hot day. Horrible!

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Saturday morning

A lazy Saturday morning in downtown Sausalito before the tourists start to spill in.

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Pay per view

We never get tired of our views. This one is facing north-east over Richardson Bay and Tiburon.