Still green and lush

Despite the drought, we have managed to keep the narrow eastern side of our garden lot green and lush. Walking down the stairs is a joy, especially early mornings when the dew still covers the foliage.

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Busy Wednesday morning

A regular busy Wednesday morning.

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Community BBQ

Community BBQ today and our neighbor Brad is doing all that stuff he knows best.

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Good morning hometown

"Downtown" Sausalito on a sticky Sunday morning.

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Live in a box

In San Francisco we have seen it all. This is just another way to "live in a box". Sad but I bet it works. Kinda.

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Coolin' off

"Chillin" in the park after my lunch.

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Here we go again...

The news are announcing a new scorcher for the Bay Area. Not cool as it usually means increased humidity, especially in San Francisco.


The topic of the neighborhood

One of our electric poles has been looking like this for quite some while now. When will it fall over? Let's make a wager!


Love is in the view

One of those gorgeous views from our beloved Sausalito...


It's called sustainability ya'll

Yes, we give a damn. So should the rest of this country.


No big party today

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary and we were about to celebrate big time but poor Sarah got sick :-(

I made her this fresh brunch and she has promised to give it a try :-)

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Uncomfortable weather

Today was a convergence of a number of uncomfortable atmospherical phenomena: hot weather, high humidity, inversion and smoke from the wildfires. It's a weekend long spair the air alert and the most reasonable thing to do is go down to the water. The Bay is always a relief...


California efficiency

We're almost 40 million, and we know how to be energy efficient. Learn fellow US states, learn.


Never forget your camera

Sarah and I never cease to feel amazed by the view everytime we go home with the ferry. The colors, the sky and the air is so special here in the Bay Area. Simply awesome.


Third floor

Sarah and I have been busy with our third floor for a couple weeks now and we hope to be finished before our anniversary. Maybe put up some curtains even ;-)


Happy weekend

Saturday lunchtime greetings from our lovely downtown Sausalito.


Red Flag

This is what it comes to when thunderstorms visit the Bay Area in summertime: Dry lightning strikes. No precipitation - only mighty sparks for new wildfires. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Fallout 4 at Gamescom

Want to know more about Fallout 4, for instance what's been revealed behind "locked doors" at Gamescom? Danny of Gamespot has been there of course and here's the rundown:



People seeking shade by Lake Merrit, Oakland, CA.

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No standstill here

Project report: Yes, the work is progressing nicely. Aggressively. Obstinately. You name it.

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Outer Sunset

We went to Trevor today in the Sunset district to get some garden stuff and I couldn't resist climbing up the Grand View to get some nice photos. The first one is facing outer Sunset and the ocean, the other is facing Forest Hill.


Looks like a toy car

On Saturdays our neighbor Brad revives his boyhood memories and pulls out his 1960 Porsche.


Snappin the nappin

O by the way. Some workers aren't that busy. This guy's buddies saw me snapping a photo and told me I should facebook it...

Busy street

A lot of building and rebuilding going on up the street so we have quite some traffic. Not that we mind but some of our neighbors have started to complain.


Port of San Francisco

Arriving with the Sausalito ferry at the Ferry Building, San Francisco.

The heat is on

It's hot here. Even on the bay the wind felt like a hairdryer when I took the ferry yesterday. And it's gonna switch to the typical sticky mugginess on Friday which makes it even more uncomfortable.


Sending some sun your way

Sunny greetings from the most beautiful city in the world, San Francisco, CA. The place to be, ladies and gentlemen.


Morning preparations

The preparations for the community barbeque are - for lack of space - done down by the marina.

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The central part of Inner Sunset District where our friend Trevor lives. In the distance you can see downtown SF. The green stretch to the left is Golden Gate Park. The green hill to the right is Mount Sutro with its Eucalyptus Forest.

Photo taken from Grand View Park

Another sweaty week ahead

So a new scorcher is coming up early next week. Triple digits are expected again. They seem to arrive in a regular pattern this summer.


A lovely view indeed

Yet another gorgeous drone pic of our beautiful Sausalito taken by our friend Jake.


Getting ready for The Walk!

Tony and I are gearing up with some coconut water. In 91 degrees and high humidity it's a must.

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What did I expect?

We're at Trevor's place on a BBQ. And what do I see here? A mix-match crazy ass smorgasbord grill? Not everyone's a carnivore. Keep everything separate dammit!

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Sweet home from above

Got a new pic from Jake and his drone adventures. On this one you can see part of our house :-)


Afternoon pizza

After I got back with the ferry this afternoon I snuck into Venice on Bridgeway for a pizza...

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Monday charm

Ken is in a particularly good mood today. Is it because it's Monday?

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Tales from the drought

The City is trying hard to teach us how to behave in this drought. There are ads all around the Bay Area with suggestions. "Short and steamy"? Sarah practically lives in the shower but she has adjusted herself pretty well after all. I clocked her at 12 minutes this morning. Got to be her personal best.


SOMA's rising

The residential highrises around the Rincon Hill complex are coming up nicely.

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At least the same muscle groups...

Just couldn't resist it... More on kindofnormal.com/wumo


Happy 4th of July!

Loving, laid back and Happy 4th of July greetings from Kirkwood Lake, CA.

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Gorgeous view

A breathtaking view over South Lake Tahoe.

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Hi there!

On our way to Lake Tahoe.

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Going on a short 4th of July vacation

4th of July is coming up. Sarah has taken Friday off and we're about to go to South Lake Tahoe over the weekend. Yay!

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Scorcher coming up

The second hot spell in a week is hitting the Bay Area today. Triple digits are expected inland and we're so lucky to be closer to the ocean in Sausalito :-)

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Friendship is our most precious thing

The community BBQ today was as nice as always. This is a damn fine neighborhood :-)

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A greeting from Nob Hill

I know, selfies are soooo 2013. But who can resist it when you are walking through your favorite SF neighborhood to visit one of your favorite restaurants? :-)


Jake keeps on streaming gorgeous pics to me of our city taken from his drone. This one was taken just minutes ago with Jake himself standing right under the drone at the Battery Spencer lookout. Awesome.

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A Father in law Day Dinner

Sneaking up on Richard was one of the fun stuff we did before we had a Father's Day dinner yesterday. A bit awkward though as it was Richard (Sarah's dad and my father in law) who took us out for dinner - not the other way around. Isn't that kind of crummy?

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