Children's memorial statue

Throughout America, tragic acts of violence against children are occurring with increasing frequency and senselessness, destroying innocent lives and devastating families and communities.

This statue in Oakland is dedicated to all children who die from maltreatment and violence each year signaling our determination to end this needless loss.


Is this a boat or a ship?

Saturday. That means a lot of activities on the Bay.

Playing scratchers on the phone or snapping a selfie?

A tourist lady (?) is enjoying the ferry ride to Sausalito.


The Force of Sales

The Salesforce Tower is a real Behemoth.


Clean and beautiful

Pack out your trash - or just dump it. Welcome to beautiful Oakland.


Mirror me

Gotta love the reflectivity of the 555 City Center.


"Sewer repair"

Sorry dear neighbors, but we have to shut off the water a few times next week. We know, it's our fault. Sorry...

Construction site

We're happy with the remodelling of our house so far, but the contractor is spreading their stuff out on unnecessary locations in our yard.


Early birds

We're invited to our friends on Bridgeway to celebrate. Looks like the table isn't set outside. Is it gonna rain or did we get the wrong date? The flag is there at least...

The opportunity makes the thief

You hold on to that flag, brother. That rope won't do, believe me.

A party nevertheless, right?

People are gearing up for the festivities...

Happy 4th of July!

Good morning everyone and Happy Birthday America!


Fire haze

The haze from the County Fire can be seen over San Francisco. It's like a dim sunshine, and the sunsets are yellowish. Spooky.


Free way to the beach

Beach or the freeway? You decide.


No ifs, ands, or butts!

It's funny, but still an actual formal sign, on the Sausalito - San Francisco ferry. Gotta love California.


Been a busy day and I'm a tad tired but now I'm on the ferry to check on the house. Sarah's in Seattle.


Native to California

Monterey pines have such archaic look. Almost unreal. This one is by the Aquatic park in SF.


Farming the Plaza

Saturday's edition of Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Sarah always finds the meat she's looking for here, if you know what I mean.


Beautiful home

Got the opportunity to climb the Corona Heights today with a few friends. San Francisco is such a breathtakingly beautiful city. It never ceases to amaze me.


Once bitten, twice wise

Waiting for Jason & Jill at Veganburg on Haight street.

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Away with the old

I don't know what's going on here but every facelift makes Oakland prettier, something that's badly needed in some parts of the city.


Dad's Day's Dog

When we arrived at Richard's house we were greeted by this lovely pooch. Dad's got himself a doggie? Unfortunately not. It's his neighbor's. But apparently the little Wiener's visiting on a daily basis so we could say Richard's got a part time dog. That's well enough.

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Let's make lemonade!

Gotta love our juicy lemon tree. The fruits are ready to be picked :-)

Busy weekend

North Beach Festival's underway this weekend. We won't be going however as we're planning to spend the precious last days of the week at our house in Sausalito. Oh, and it's Father's Day tomorrow. Richard will be forced to endure our assault :-)


Da Truth!

After Jay and Paul made their respective responses on the false allegations that some techtubers ask for money before they make a coverage of a specific product, Kyle of Bitwit made a rap of it. Enjoy!


Slowly emerging

This "iconic" block in North Beach was ravaged by a blaze in March. They try to save as much as possible of the exterior by putting a scaffold on the walls. You may remember the bar "Rogue" where locals could gather to watch all the Giants' games. They had a very nice patio on the back. It's gone now. Totally gone. Sad.


Thanks for what?

I wonder if the scribbler really means this or if it's just irony. The heart makes it tough to decide. Either way, Mr. Trump won't find too many shoulders to lean on here in the Bay Area, that's for sure.


Sunday sun party

As you all know we are partly staying in Oakland this summer as the remodelling takes place with our house in Sausalito. Today we're having a party with friends just for the sake of... partying. We're Californians after all :-)

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Anti glare keyboard anyone?

Linus does now and then find the absolutely adequate remarks while reviewing or previewing hardware on LTT. While Computex 2018 is starting to shut down for this time around, he's throwing some pragmatic question marks at ASUS's all-screen notebook prototype.

What lies beneath

Even Lake Merritt gets its share of "shape-up" in time for the The Warriors Championship parade on Tuesday.

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Union street savory

At the Union Street Festival last weekend I had this halloumi burger. It was the thickest halloumi chunk I ever saw and I had problems with getting my chomps around it. But it was a good one.

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Nearly done

Our neighbors' remodeling of their house is almost finished. I can't decide if I totally adore their skewed crib or hate it. Sarah is totally mute. I know what that means...


Trail starts here...

While Sarah's working on a job in Las Vegas I'm about to explore the Red Rock Canyon National Observational Area. All by myself. Awesome. We're driving back to SF after lunch though. An 8-hour drive.

From phone


Happy Memorial Day

We're wishing you all a happy Memorial Day.

Per & Sarah


Good Saturday morning in Santa Rosa, CA

It's Memorial Holiday weekend and we've stayed the night at Riley's and Kristen's place in Santa Rosa. Gotta love the silver palm tree in their garden :-)

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Back in black

Good morning ya'll. Elric has been sick for quite some time as you know, but now he's back in black. It's good to see him happy and full of energy again. Check out this impromptu Q&A with Kyle and Paul :-)


Ferry trivia

On the Sausalito ferry there's a little corner on the upper deck that seems to have been forgotten in time. Looks like a snapshot of the eighties.

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Festival season

It's festival season and Union street festival is around the corner. Jake's brother is going to perform and we've got some nice discounts. Just contact me or Sarah if you want to join us :-)


Time to get up, baby

Good Sunday morning, Paris.

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An icecream, maybe?

Gorgeous summer day in the City of Romance.

From phone


AF 1063

Somewhere over Sweden on the Friday evening flight to Paris.

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Paul's faceware

I've enjoyed Paul Heimlich's videos for a few years now. He's great. Why? Because despite all the tech hardware he's throwing our way with competence and enthusiasm he also got that soft teddybear-y vibe about him. This is him (and his wife) having fun for the sake of April Fools' Day where they put this "other side" of Paul in full swing.


Happy Easter

A Happy Easter everyone. Jake keeps chucking drone footage our way. This one is over Haight Ashbury and the Panhandle with downtown SF in the background.


Hard tubes

Some bromance right here: Jay helps Josh to bend a hard tube "for the first time". Enjoy!


Get off of my tail!

We're all doomed. Especially if we bully them with hockey sticks.



Beer in the loop? Probably not a good idea. But what if? Watch Jay do what no one else wants to do.


Happy Groundhog Day

Sunshine or overcast. Spring is here, right?


Happy MLK Day!

Jake sent me a nice drone photo of our beautiful City. This is how The City looks in wintertime.

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Happy New Year!

It's been a gorgeous last day of 2017 in Paris. Springlike and mild. Happy New Year everyone from both of us. We love you all!

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Point & shoot

Hey, over here honey!

From Samsung tablet

Spring on New Year's Eve

Now this is exactly what you want on New Year's Eve when it's 59 degrees (15 Celsius) in Paris. Sitting at a café outdoor. Getting a whiff of Spring...

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"Romantic view" in a romantic city

Sarah's a bit peeved because of the cranes obstructing the view from our hotel. And because of me telling you about it. Welcome to my blog, btw ;-)

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Good Yule!

Merry X-mas! Jay went Santa at the Micro Center. Sweet.


Tank God for Fractal Design

Back in early September Kyle built a PC in a fast going yacht. This time around he's got help from Jay. On a tank. Yep, that's right. They're building a high end PC on top of a TANK.


'Tis the season

The happy holidays approach...

Photos: Awkward Family Photos