Congrats Todd!

I've listened to this very talented man in San Francisco a couple years ago and it's about time he receives it: The Game Developers Choice Lifetime Achievement Award. Congrats Todd!


All those meetings...

Been to Malmö for a quick meeting today.

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Is he gonna pop back for another 6 weeks?

Tomorrow's Groundhog Day.

"If Candlemas be fair and bright, Winter has another flight. If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Winter will not come again".


Jordan's Journey

Hope for Paws is an organization that rescues dogs and other animals that are suffering. Watch this touching journey where little Jordan steps up from close to death to full health and vigor, ready to take on the world as all dogs should be able to. Please donate.


Not just sand

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is being overall received with praise. You can read Gamespot's review HERE.


Depart already!

Taking to the skies again. And as usual, the flight is delayed by over 30 minutes.

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Bring it on!

As an avid rpg player I've been waiting for Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen to arrive on PC. And now it's here. Gamers love it, even more than the Dragon Age franchise. And the professional critics? Here's a link to a review that pretty much covers the whole point. and says it all.


Sunday flight lullaby

Gotta say this was the busiest job weekend in years. I'm totally exhausted. And now I'm safely seated on the 7.45 pm flight back to Stockholm. 2 and a half hours of shut eye bliss. I'm in heaven.

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A slight delay

My flight AF 1263 to Paris with departure time at 1.05pm is a bit delayed. Guess I have time to visit the restroom then. Take a dump even.

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We've got polar bears too

A store in Terminal 2 at Arlanda airport sells a lamb skin for 300 bucks. Perfect for the freezer-like temps in these parts of the world.

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$600 to get dizzy

$600 for the Oculus? The price was announced yesterday. I have tested one of the earlier versions in Paris and I wasn't convinced at all. This is Peter and Justin's take on the latest version and if it's going to be a mainstream success or not. Straight from CES 2016 in Las Vegas.


No more CPU overhead limitations?

So, with Windows 10 comes DirectX 12. As an avid PC gamer you're probably going to ponder - or at least wonder - whether low-level APIs are going to deliver better performance, consistent frame delivery and all that which makes life worth living. Check out the outlines of it by clicking HERE.


Happy New Year!

One of those incredible photos taken from Jake's quadcopter may illustrate Happy New Year to all of you out there, both my own friends and Sarah's as well as our mutual friends all over the world. Unfortunately Sarah's stuck with the flu in Quebec, the first in almost 20 years (and no, I don't feel sorry for her. She needs this to wind down!). And I'm still in Europe (longer than i thought this time around). Take care, we love you all!


Happy Hollowdays

Back in Stockholm I had a job related lunch downtown today. But what the heck is this? A reminder of how hollow and empty Christmas can feel nowadays?

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The spirit of Christmas past

Contemplating the prepped X-mas tree in our office. Philippe and Ames think the real X-mas spirit is showing. Poor guys, you must have had a bad childhood - or developed too many video games.

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Sun's setting over Avenue Faidherbe, Montreuil.

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Last trip to Paris before X-mas

Boarding the (delayed) 7.35pm flight to Paris with my colleague Oscar of Ubi Massive.

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X-mas closing in

Looks like I'll be staying in Sweden/France over the Holidays. With my last trip to Paris before X-mas next weekend and Sarah busy in Quebec we won't be able to celebrate together (again!). But if the lucky star shines brightly over the both of us she'll be heading for a business trip to Marseille in January. Meeting up will then be a cakewalk.

Photo: Classic Cable Cars


A Boston Commonwealth Synth AD 2287?

Today when I visited my friend Steven (EA/DICE) I saw this creepy artwork in the Stockholm subway system.

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A cup for the trip

Caught the 4.15 pm flight Paris-Stockholm today and I have lost count on how many cups of coffee I have had at this joint throughout the years...

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DS3 release date

Dark Souls 3 gone Bloodborne? Who cares. Souls is my absolute favorite game series of all time and now we finally have a release date: April 12 2016.


Top floor: top rent

One Rincon Hill has always been occupying a place in both Sarah's and my heart since the first tower opened its gates during the recession. In 2010 we went for a tour and it was even affordable back then. But now, the rent for the 2br/2ba unit on the 55th floor is $14,000/month! SfGate published an article about it this morning. You can read it HERE.


Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful of what you have and love one another. There's no other rule in life, folks.


Flight to Stockholm last night

Jeez, do I look tired. It's been a lot of traveling as of late.

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The French tricolor is bleeding

The terror that struck France last night is horrible beyond measure. And it made me realize how deeply connected I am with the French after all these years of travelling back and forth to Paris. This is a sad day folks. A sad day indeed.


Gray of grays

Flew to Malmö today for yet another job-related meeting. And yet again it struck me how boring this part of Sweden is. No pun intended. Kinda.

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Fallout 4 scores big time

With a metacritic score around 90 Fallout 4 makes for a great start now when it's out. Check out some of the reviews below:

PC Gamer


I wonder how they land...

Wish you could fly like Iron man in the sky? Look at these jetpack fliers who soar with a jumbojet. The pilot in the end of the video looks like: "WTF! Was that a person just flying by?"


Beauty from above

Got an aerial pic from Jake which he took of Nob Hill from his drone last week. Nob Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco. Sarah and I rented an apartment in 2011-2012 for almost 8 months on Pine street with a crazily awesome view of Financial district and upper Nob Hill.


Happy Halloween everyone!

Do yourselves a favor and trick yourselves some treats! :-)


To conquer the world

And guess who's always working... who's always online... who's always travelling the world...

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Here we go

Yesterday Bethesda reported that Fallout 4 has gone gold. A reason to laugh or cry depending on how much free time you have on your hands.


Tales to tell a tale about

Click the picture for a review of Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5


Back to Stockholm

It's been a hectic weekend in Paris and now I'm back at CDG to catch the 8pm flight back to Stockholm.

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Waking up to a rainbow

A rather chilly and cloudy Sunday morning in Paris.

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Taking to the sky again

Boarding the 7.25pm AF flight to Paris again...

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Still summer

Tomorrow Wednesday Sarah will be returning to San Francisco after 6 weeks in Hong Kong. She told me on the phone she's pretty fed up with the cramped metropolis. "In San Francisco I can breathe and just be myself", she said. And that's one of the wonderful things about our hometown: it's fresh and has a completely unique atmosphere. And - compared to the cold and dark Stockholm I'm currently trying to cope with - San Francisco is still summer warm. Yesterday on October 12 it was 88 degrees. I'm definitely happy to at least be able to go to Paris on Friday!


No drones during Fleet Week

Neither Sarah nor I will be in San Francisco during the Fleet Week this year, starting today Monday 5th. It's a fun festival but you get pretty tired of the roaring steel monsters over your head after a few days. And this year there has been issued a drone ban with a $10,000 fine for violators. Did you hear that, Jake? We love your gorgeous aerial pics of our beautiful city but keep your Phantom 2 Quadcopter in the garage for your own sake brother.


This got to stop

I'm not an American - yet. But when things like this happen I feel very much like one. We have been struck in our hearts - again. And we should listen - again - to our President who is, contrary to what a lot of conservative gun owning Americans think, absolutely right on this point.


Montreuil, Paris

Good Saturday morning, Montreuil! Good to see you again :-)

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Flying to Paris over the weekend

It's been a busy week. Currently boarding the 7.25pm AF 1063 flight to Paris. Great fun! It's been a while since I met up with my French Ubi friends :-)

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A quick job meeting

Flew to Malmö for a quick meeting yesterday. The airport coach was most comfortable. Better than any I've ridden sofar.

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Home sweet home

You know you love the California climate when you even miss the scorchers after only 2 frickin weeks...

Morning fog

Just like San Francisco Hong Kong can wake up with some morning fog. This is Sarah's view from her hotel room.

From Sarah


Sweet Pacific Ocean

Jake keeps on teasing with his aerial photos from back home. This is Stinson Beach. Hardly two weeks yet in Sweden and I already long to go back home!


DS3 gameplay

Dark Souls 3 will be released in North America in April 2016. Below is a 4 minute gameplay video embedded. It's a lot of Bloodborne in it. For better or worse, depending on taste.


Now that'd be something!

Sometimes tweets are so smack-in-the-face-right that you simply fall silent. Just imagine, Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us) yanking Half Life out of Valves clutch and actually DOING something with the long dead franchise. I could easily endorse that!


The Peak

Sarah's in Hong Kong again and she usually starts her stay by taking the tram up The Peak to gawk at the city view. Sure is a spectacular city.

From Sarah


Chillin' by the waterfront

Yay, I'm in Stockholm again! Chilly but sunny. Nice!

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Personal chef this time?

I can see my SAS flight being packed with all kinds of useful stuff. 11 hours is a long, tiresome and occasionally hungry flight. But interesting? Nah, not after all these years.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day everyone! Sarah and I will be celebrating the holiday weekend with labor traveling. As usual, she goes to China in September and will stay in Hong Kong until mid-October this time around. I'll be leaving SF too and go to Sweden/France. Take care out there. And remember that only love can save the world.

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All things beautiful

When I arrived with the ferry this afternoon, the Bay and San Francisco in the distance was particularly beautiful.

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Still green and lush

Despite the drought, we have managed to keep the narrow eastern side of our garden lot green and lush. Walking down the stairs is a joy, especially early mornings when the dew still covers the foliage.

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Busy Wednesday morning

A regular busy Wednesday morning.

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Community BBQ

Community BBQ today and our neighbor Brad is doing all that stuff he knows best.

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