Good Saturday morning in Santa Rosa, CA

It's Memorial Holiday weekend and we've stayed the night at Riley's and Kristen's place in Santa Rosa. Gotta love the silver palm tree in their garden :-)

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Back in black

Good morning ya'll. Elric has been sick for quite some time as you know, but now he's back in black. It's good to see him happy and full of energy again. Check out this impromptu Q&A with Kyle and Paul :-)


Ferry trivia

On the Sausalito ferry there's a little corner on the upper deck that seems to have been forgotten in time. Looks like a snapshot of the eighties.

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Festival season

It's festival season and Union street festival is around the corner. Jake's brother is going to perform and we've got some nice discounts. Just contact me or Sarah if you want to join us :-)


Time to get up, baby

Good Sunday morning, Paris.

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An icecream, maybe?

Gorgeous summer day in the City of Romance.

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AF 1063

Somewhere over Sweden on the Friday evening flight to Paris.

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Paul's faceware

I've enjoyed Paul Heimlich's videos for a few years now. He's great. Why? Because despite all the tech hardware he's throwing our way with competence and enthusiasm he also got that soft teddybear-y vibe about him. This is him (and his wife) having fun for the sake of April Fools' Day where they put this "other side" of Paul in full swing.


Happy Easter

A Happy Easter everyone. Jake keeps chucking drone footage our way. This one is over Haight Ashbury and the Panhandle with downtown SF in the background.


Hard tubes

Some bromance right here: Jay helps Josh to bend a hard tube "for the first time". Enjoy!


Get off of my tail!

We're all doomed. Especially if we bully them with hockey sticks.



Beer in the loop? Probably not a good idea. But what if? Watch Jay do what no one else wants to do.


Happy Groundhog Day

Sunshine or overcast. Spring is here, right?


Happy MLK Day!

Jake sent me a nice drone photo of our beautiful City. This is how The City looks in wintertime.

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Happy New Year!

It's been a gorgeous last day of 2017 in Paris. Springlike and mild. Happy New Year everyone from both of us. We love you all!

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Point & shoot

Hey, over here honey!

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Spring on New Year's Eve

Now this is exactly what you want on New Year's Eve when it's 59 degrees (15 Celsius) in Paris. Sitting at a café outdoor. Getting a whiff of Spring...

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"Romantic view" in a romantic city

Sarah's a bit peeved because of the cranes obstructing the view from our hotel. And because of me telling you about it. Welcome to my blog, btw ;-)

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Good Yule!

Merry X-mas! Jay went Santa at the Micro Center. Sweet.


Tank God for Fractal Design

Back in early September Kyle built a PC in a fast going yacht. This time around he's got help from Jay. On a tank. Yep, that's right. They're building a high end PC on top of a TANK.


'Tis the season

The happy holidays approach...

Photos: Awkward Family Photos


Sunday flight

The flight from Paris today was a bit messy. Sundays are the worst.

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Jason's here!

Jason's here! And he's just as happy to see Philippe as I am to see Jason. Great fun! :-)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm in it for the turkey...

Photo: Awkward Family Photos


A new world record

Did you know that a blowtorch and vaseline are essential to extreme overclocking? Watch Jay and Vince have a go on the Kingpin.


Salesforce Tower has wings

SF Gate published a cool pic of our new behemoth Salesforce Tower today. There's apparently some force emanating from it. Check the article out HERE.


Trickin' the Hall of Weenies

Happy Halloween! No decorations on our house this year as neither me nor wifey is in the US. But we're still celebrating it the good ol American way. Love from both of us to all of you.


Fire, smoke and ashes

Being far away from our California home it feels terrible to see all the apocalyptical photos being streamed on the Bay Area news channels. North Bay is on fire. Parts of Santa Rosa are ashes. Man, the weather gods and Mother Nature aren't happy with us this very year. Natural disasters seem to be the order of the day...

Photo: California Highway Patrol


Coffee any good?

Coffee Lake is here. The embargo is off and Jay takes an initial look at the new i7-8700K cpu.


On review bombing

So your favorite game or the game you're investigating prior to a purchase is suddenly dropping in user review score on Steam? Or maybe you didn't notice the drop because... this was the first time you were looking into the game and decided to skip this one because of the bad review score?

Steam is implementing a review bombing graph which enables the customer to see when exceptionally good or bad reviews have been posted.This as a response to the Pewdiepie controversy where Campo Santo issued an DMCA takedown notice against his Firewatch videos. Apparently a lot of Pewdiepie fans went mad and review bombed tons of bad scores on Steam, and by that lowered the overall score of Firewatch. With the new graph, customers can see if bad scores have been posted in a short period of time and make their own opinion on why this is. If a game gets bad (or even good) reviews in a short period of time, something can be fishy. In this way Steam adds a layer of "caution" for the customer to consider before pushing - or refraining from - that lovely purchase button.


Celebrating a secret mining operation

In case you missed Kyle's hilarious fail the other day. Here's Steve's response to why Kyle popped the bottle. Secrets... secrets...


Just for the fun [pain] of it

Kyle just released a silly video on building a high end PC in a yacht on the choppy ocean waters of SoCal. For a pc hardware enthusiast this is pure torture.



Leaving for Copenhagen today at 5.35 pm. Sarah already left for Hong Kong at 1.30 pm and I have 4 hours to kill. Well I ventured outside the terminal building but guess what, it was almost empty. It is CRAZEEE HOT! No one with their sanity intact wants to be outside. Not even a sun lover like me. Sorry SF, I'm leaving you for a fall-like Europe...

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Good night, Bay Area

The sun is going down over Cleveland Heights in Oakland this freakishly hot Friday. And tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter... We're spending the night here in our rental instead of our house in Sausalito as we had to leave the car back home. Now we simply just Uber our way to SFO tomorrow. Convenient!

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104 degrees [EDIT: 106 degrees]

104 degrees (40 C) in San Francisco today September 1st. We're melting away even at the Bay shoreline...

[EDIT: actually 106 (41 C) according to NWS. All-time record]

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Ice cream to beat the heat

Bay Area is extremely hot at the moment. And in Sausalito Lappert's Ice Cream is doing great!

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All those photos

Smile, you're in Sausalito!

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Happy to be veg

Funny, Boccalone's slogan is just as accurate and truthful as it is distasteful.

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Our good old ferry

Everyone breaks out their camera on the Sausalito-San Francisco ferry. Even the locals. I totally understand. It's gorgeous out there.

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Dolores park

Chillin' in Dolores before going to Ashbury Heights and visit Jason.

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In the warm California sun

I'm not very much of a car person, but Steve's Fiat is super sexy!

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We're remodeling

As probably most of you already know, we are postponing the sale of our house. The estate is currently off market and the main reason for this is because we want to remodel the western part of the complex (seen to the left of the photo behind the porch) and seal it off completely from the eastern part. This will make it into two separate units. The project is loosely estimated to cost about $100,000 and will start in 2018.

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Unboxing the Xbox One X

Xbox One X is being unboxed today, Sunday 20th. Check it out below. Kinda cool the project name Scorpio stays with it in the limited edition.


Let's create more of that which will save the world

When Sarah and I were walking the streets of San Francisco today we found this message sprayed on the ground. Yes, that's what this city is all about. It's about something of which Washington knows nothing.

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Our very own evening

We're sitting in the Tonga room by the Hurricane bar at Fairmont. Nice music, Sarah's having a drink and I'm sipping on an alcohol free orange juice with coconut flavor. Life can't be better...

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- Five years, honey. Time flies...

5th Year Anniversary dinner at good 'ol Fairmont! :-)

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Seeking shade

Our neighbors are relaxing in Yee Tock Chee park on Bridgeway in our lovely Sausalito.

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Time for my absolute favorite of all the burritos I crave in the Bay Area: 360 Degrees Gourmet Burrito's Cajun Burrito with sour cream and smoked tofu. Daym!

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Jackson street, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA.

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Geek out

Almost all my dev coworkers are hardcore geeks. Especially when new hardware comes out. But it doesn't get much geekier than this:

Gimme that!

Friday! Pizza for lunch! Yay! This beauty is a genuine Round Table Pie. Gobble on that, suckers!

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Buy Dan a drink

Showing some colleagues from Montreal The Musee Mecanique at Fishermans Wharf. Dan behind me is asking for a drink. Sure, no problem. But I can't help the guy is creepy as hell.

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The Beast of a CPU soon to come

Trevor got hold of a Threadripper and now we are benchmarking it. Jason is all over the place...

[FYI: The pic is the i9/X299 we are using as a reference. Trev is too wary to let me publish a pic of the 1950x/X399 as it's not released yet. Sissy!]

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Twisted facts

This Tea Tree just below the Camron-Stanford House by Lake Merritt in Oakland isn't dead. There are numerous reports of how it comes to life on full moon nights...

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State your mind

Silliness is a state of mind, or simply a way of joking. I wonder if you can tell the difference by just looking at me. Because I'm not the one holding the camera that's shaking from laughter ;-)

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Time to breathe

After 2 days of hot sticky mugginess the sky finally clears up over Cleveland Heights in Oakland.

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You shall not pass!

Wifey doesn't want me to enter the garage for a reason. Hmm... wonder what's going on here...

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SOMA's rising

The SOMA district has a major boom with the Transbay Transit Center, Salesforce Tower and the 181 Fremont skyscraper nearing their completion.

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Sausalito ferry terminal

Summertime it's always a crazy amount of bikers riding the ferry back to San Francisco.

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Fringie, good 'ol Fringie

Our Fringe tree by the balcony has always been suffering from bullies. I feel sorry for the poor tree.

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