Happy Easter!

Go easy on the eggs, folks. You should gobble candy, be happy and be good. It's Good Friday.


Triple X

A lengthy read on Phil Spencer's thoughts on Project Scorpio and what comes next for Microsoft. Pour a huge cup of coffee, click the link and enjoy: Phil Spencer on Project Scorpio.


"You gotta be kidding me!"

Jay woke up yesterday and thought Nvidia's marketing division gone totally imbecile.


Jay just hit 1M!

Jay just hit 1,000,000 subs. Congrats man! If you want to take part of his great giveaway, you should subscribe too.


Home sweet home

Jake's been playing around with his drone again and dropped me a few pics of our beautiful Sausalito.


BART faces funding problems with proposed infrastructure cuts

Trump vowed to spend a lot on infrastructure when he ran for P. Sadly the new budget proposal speaks another language. If all goes according to his plans, BART will suffer from slashed New Start fundings, totally needed to get their asses moving with their much needed projects throughout the Bay Area. Yesterday, a storm raged the Twitter: SFGate


Back to Mordor

A new Middle-Earth game is announced. Check the trailer below.


Presidents Day?

Hmm... it's Presidents Day today. I think I'll put my celebration on hold for a while. Maybe remember the good old days when this country had a real leader in the name of the real America. You know what I'm talking about.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Jake took a nice winter afternoon drone pic of our beloved Sausalito the other day. Still in Europe I feel awfully homesick.


A day one purchase

Nioh is close to its release day. As a long time DS fan, It's right up my alley.


Memory foam bean bag chairs and bro made full time employee

Jay never does the day-in-the-life-of kind of vlogs, but he finally did one the other day and here it is:


Those precious framerates

Got a 60Hz monitor or a 120Hz or even a 144Hz? Does it make any difference when it comes to experience those - potential - higher framerates? Find out by clicking the image below.


Sweet memories

Here at Le BHV Marais, Sarah and I bought the padlock (love lock) we put on the Pont de l'Archevéché's bridge railing back in December 2011. Sweet memories...

From iPad

Cardinal Lemoine

Cardinal Lemoine subway station.

From iPad

Good morning 2017

We're waking up to a somewhat gloomy and above all COLD morning in Paris this first day of January 2017. View from our hotel room.

From iPad


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Paris! Sarah & I ended up in good ol Paris instead of Rome. But that's OK. It's such a great city, which I have come to know pretty well after all the years at Ubi. But it's sooooo COLD here at the moment!

From iPad


Glad tidings!

Merry Xmas everyone! Be grateful of what you have and take care of each other. Sarah and I will be meeting up in Rome (or Paris if her schedule goes bust) over the New Year.

Photo: Snowhoe photography


Rain keeps fallin...

The tenants who are currently renting our house are reporting heavy rainfall over Sausalito. Luckily the high elevation makes the downpour not very likely to undermine or flood our premises. But at bay level... king tides have been battering Harbor Drive for a few days now.

Photo: Our Sausalito


Every Last One of Them

Joel and Ellie are back. The Last of Us Part II has been announced. Check out the trailer below.


Cooper, Maher or Blitzer at your table this year?

So, how was your sacred Thanksgiving dinner? Speaking lovingly about what to buy or not to buy on the Black Friday sale? Or did you talk politics, after all? If you did, did you use the new mobile moderator app?


Happy awkward Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The whole holiday weekend may be awkward (se picture), even the dinner itself. But promise you won't spoil it by throwing politics at the table. Not this year.

Photo: Awkward Family Photos


Say something nice

More of this people!


Time for a "Calexit"?

Should we make California a separate country? Should we secede over Trump?


Do your duty!

It's Election Day, folks. You know what to do.


The City awaits you

Jonathan talks to Chris Watters about WD2 and the challenges to create The City just as wonderful in the game as in real life.

Check out the video HERE!


Being afraid of Halloween has a word

There are names for all kinds of phobias, worth mentioning now when Halloween weekend is here. Recently there have been a lot of media reports on killer clowns scaring the living daylight out of people. There's actually a word for being afraid of them: Coulrophobia. But did you know there is a word for being afraid of Halloween itself? Samhainophobia. Awesome word.

Happy Halloween, ya'll!

Halloween's coming

The Halloween weekend is here. I was looking through some old pics the other day and found photos from back in 2011 when Sarah and I rented an apartment on Pine street. I remember the guys in the lobby were pranksters and always wacky. The place is now long gone and turned into some luxurious long term rental complex. That's how things go eventually in San Francisco. The City turns more and more into a community for the rich. Sad.


Where there's life - there's hope

This video made my day. Of hope. And confidence. That man is good. After all.


Red Dead is Alive

We all knew it HAD to be coming eventually. It was such a huge success for Rockstar that another one GOT to be in the works. 7 years after the first one Red Dead Redemption 2 will finally arrive. In 2017. The first trailer arrives on Thursday at 11am ET.


Sarah's going back to the Bay Area

This weekend Sarah is returning to the Bay Area after 6 weeks in the most vertical city on earth - Hong Kong. She won't go back to our house in Sausalito though as she's not comfortable being all by herself in such a big house. She'll be staying in her rental in Livermore until I get back from my chores in Sweden/France.


Happy Columbus Day!

Did Columbus really "discover" America? Or was it someone else? Be that as it may, Happy Columbus Day - anyway!


Gorgeous late September Saturday

Absolutely gorgeous late summer day in Paris today (25C/77F). I'm invited to some festivities related to the Ubi 30 years anniversary. Before dinner I actually had the opportunity to "climb" the Arc de Triomphe :-)

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A monster hunter guarding your precious love letter

Damien Monnier tweeted that Geralt of Rivia is getting his own stamp in Poland. Awesome!


Hong Kong Blues

Every fall Sarah goes to Hong Kong for a 6-week business trip. Whenever she gets the opportunity she tries to understand the Hong Kong visitors and tourists seldom encounter. In her eyes HK is totally unique with endless possibilities and scary limitations at the same time.

From Sarah


We Are One

15 years ago the world - not only the US - changed forever. This very day on September 11 2001 the old world order grinded to a halt. The incident on lower Manhattan and at the Pentagon and Shanksville had not only terrible ramifications in terms of human suffering but also alerted each and everyone of us that we are all tied together. The world is One and there are no winners in this world unless we love each other, no matter what happens: war, terror or crime.

Sarah is in China and I'm in Sweden/France as always this time of the year. It's funny how often we are apart - but how this very fact makes us closer to each other than ever. A tremendous fact that is worth surfacing in our mind on this very day: Love makes us human and whole.


Waiting for boarding

Got my own booth to work at :-)

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September travel month is here

Sarah caught her Hong Kong flight already at 1pm and I'm waiting for my Copenhagen flight. It departs at 5.35pm.

From iPad


San Francisco International Airport is - as far as I know - the only airport that displays departures in alphabetical order instead of according to their departure time.

From iPad


Our guardian garden moon

Our garden moon is gonna be watching our garden while we're away.

From iPad

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Per & Sarah


Our Lady GGB

Been showing off our iconic Golden Gate Bridge to some of our friends from Chicago today.

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The Good Taste

Grabbed a burrito at El Buen Sabor in the Mission before heading to Jason's place.

From iPad


Chow chow

I had black pepper chow mein with "chicken" at Enjoy for lunch today. It was surprisingly good.

From iPad


Can't tell the paint from the sky

The paint on our "third floor" is holding on well. We won't be needing to redo it in another 10 years.

From iPad

Wanna be our (temporary) neighbor?

Just like us, our neighbors are opening up parts of their property for rent.

From iPad


Friday lunch break

Having lunch break in a San Francisco park is soothing.

From iPad


North Bay

Went to San Rafael today with Jason.

From iPad



A lazy August Sunday afternoon in Sausalito.

From iPad


A modest dinner...

When we arrived this afternoon at the Top of the Mark it was very relaxed. We usually go to The Fairmont but this year we wanted a more laidback approach. Our very modest anniversary dinner took only 2 hours to finish :-)

From phone

Yep, that's Trump's hiney

Gotta love Trump's butt. People taking pictures of the Trump statue at Market and Castro.

The Chronicle


Oaktown is da shiznit

Frickin' 12th Street Oakland, bro!

From phone


They finally getting the hang of it

Couldn't believe my eyes today at our community barbecue. There was a separate grill for veggies (!).

From iPad


Sweet home Sausalito

Vina del Mar Park, Sausalito

From iPad


Everybody wants to go to Sausalito

This is how the afternoon ferry looks like in the summer. 90% tourists and 10% locals. I don't mind but the embarkation procedure takes forever...

From iPad


San Francisco subway

An "anti" liberal take on the "hipster demographic" (cf. techies) in this city.

From iPad


15th Avenue, San Francisco

Trevor's new home (white car) on 15th avenue in the Sunset district with ocean view. Gorgeous.

From iPad


Garden staying alive

With no actual water restrictions this summer not only the succulents but also the other plants and flowers can thrive.

From iPad


How much more blue can this be? None more blue.

Totally stayed at home today to get maximum rest. And what is better to boost your health with than a spectacular view over the Bay...

From iPad


Oh, I thought the painting on the wall wasn't hanging straight

Millennium Tower is sinking! It's the tallest residential tower in San Francisco, only four feet taller than One Rincon Hill. It has sunk 16 inches in 8 years and even tilted 2 inches. Bad construction decisions and possible problems induced by neighboring construction sites as the Transbay Center could be the cause.

Read more at SF Gate