Noe Valley

Sarah is going to an open house in Noe Valley today. She went to a rather nice piece of property last year in Noe Valley and it's a neighborhood we both like. This time around is a big one, asking price is $3.795 million which is probably $750.000 more than what we can get for our house in Sausalito. I'm half a world away and can't join - but I can gawk at some of the pics ;-)

You can see the whole property right HERE.


The empty beauty of a lone city

Imagine the city you love - without all the people you love and everyone you know. What would be left? When I saw this video for the first time I almost wept. It's so beautiful. I know every nook and cranny of my hometown - but it felt soo wrong. A city is nothing without its people.

When light is dying

They say you can never have too many zombies. I think you can. But I'm cautiously optimistic about Techlands upcoming Dying Light. Especially when they present it like this, their latest trailer on their multiplatform title:


Let it rain, let it rain...

Finally the end of the 3-year drought? The Bay Area will be pounded with storm after storm this weekend. Sarah told me on the phone the grass and the flowers in our backyard are getting greener by the minute :-)

Photo: Justin Sullivan