Happy New Year!

One of those incredible photos taken from Jake's quadcopter may illustrate Happy New Year to all of you out there, both my own friends and Sarah's as well as our mutual friends all over the world. Unfortunately Sarah's stuck with the flu in Quebec, the first in almost 20 years (and no, I don't feel sorry for her. She needs this to wind down!). And I'm still in Europe (longer than i thought this time around). Take care, we love you all!


Happy Hollowdays

Back in Stockholm I had a job related lunch downtown today. But what the heck is this? A reminder of how hollow and empty Christmas can feel nowadays?

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The spirit of Christmas past

Contemplating the prepped X-mas tree in our office. Philippe and Ames think the real X-mas spirit is showing. Poor guys, you must have had a bad childhood - or developed too many video games.

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Sun's setting over Avenue Faidherbe, Montreuil.

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Last trip to Paris before X-mas

Boarding the (delayed) 7.35pm flight to Paris with my colleague Oscar of Ubi Massive.

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X-mas closing in

Looks like I'll be staying in Sweden/France over the Holidays. With my last trip to Paris before X-mas next weekend and Sarah busy in Quebec we won't be able to celebrate together (again!). But if the lucky star shines brightly over the both of us she'll be heading for a business trip to Marseille in January. Meeting up will then be a cakewalk.

Photo: Classic Cable Cars


A Boston Commonwealth Synth AD 2287?

Today when I visited my friend Steven (EA/DICE) I saw this creepy artwork in the Stockholm subway system.

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A cup for the trip

Caught the 4.15 pm flight Paris-Stockholm today and I have lost count on how many cups of coffee I have had at this joint throughout the years...

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DS3 release date

Dark Souls 3 gone Bloodborne? Who cares. Souls is my absolute favorite game series of all time and now we finally have a release date: April 12 2016.