Top floor: top rent

One Rincon Hill has always been occupying a place in both Sarah's and my heart since the first tower opened its gates during the recession. In 2010 we went for a tour and it was even affordable back then. But now, the rent for the 2br/2ba unit on the 55th floor is $14,000/month! SfGate published an article about it this morning. You can read it HERE.


Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful of what you have and love one another. There's no other rule in life, folks.


Flight to Stockholm last night

Jeez, do I look tired. It's been a lot of traveling as of late.

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The French tricolor is bleeding

The terror that struck France last night is horrible beyond measure. And it made me realize how deeply connected I am with the French after all these years of travelling back and forth to Paris. This is a sad day folks. A sad day indeed.


Gray of grays

Flew to Malmö today for yet another job-related meeting. And yet again it struck me how boring this part of Sweden is. No pun intended. Kinda.

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Fallout 4 scores big time

With a metacritic score around 90 Fallout 4 makes for a great start now when it's out. Check out some of the reviews below:

PC Gamer


I wonder how they land...

Wish you could fly like Iron man in the sky? Look at these jetpack fliers who soar with a jumbojet. The pilot in the end of the video looks like: "WTF! Was that a person just flying by?"


Beauty from above

Got an aerial pic from Jake which he took of Nob Hill from his drone last week. Nob Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco. Sarah and I rented an apartment in 2011-2012 for almost 8 months on Pine street with a crazily awesome view of Financial district and upper Nob Hill.