Our Lady GGB

Been showing off our iconic Golden Gate Bridge to some of our friends from Chicago today.

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The Good Taste

Grabbed a burrito at El Buen Sabor in the Mission before heading to Jason's place.

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Chow chow

I had black pepper chow mein with "chicken" at Enjoy for lunch today. It was surprisingly good.

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Can't tell the paint from the sky

The paint on our "third floor" is holding on well. We won't be needing to redo it in another 10 years.

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Wanna be our (temporary) neighbor?

Just like us, our neighbors are opening up parts of their property for rent.

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Friday lunch break

Having lunch break in a San Francisco park is soothing.

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North Bay

Went to San Rafael today with Jason.

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A lazy August Sunday afternoon in Sausalito.

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A modest dinner...

When we arrived this afternoon at the Top of the Mark it was very relaxed. We usually go to The Fairmont but this year we wanted a more laidback approach. Our very modest anniversary dinner took only 2 hours to finish :-)

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Yep, that's Trump's hiney

Gotta love Trump's butt. People taking pictures of the Trump statue at Market and Castro.

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Oaktown is da shiznit

Frickin' 12th Street Oakland, bro!

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They finally getting the hang of it

Couldn't believe my eyes today at our community barbecue. There was a separate grill for veggies (!).

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Sweet home Sausalito

Vina del Mar Park, Sausalito

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Everybody wants to go to Sausalito

This is how the afternoon ferry looks like in the summer. 90% tourists and 10% locals. I don't mind but the embarkation procedure takes forever...

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San Francisco subway

An "anti" liberal take on the "hipster demographic" (cf. techies) in this city.

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15th Avenue, San Francisco

Trevor's new home (white car) on 15th avenue in the Sunset district with ocean view. Gorgeous.

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Garden staying alive

With no actual water restrictions this summer not only the succulents but also the other plants and flowers can thrive.

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How much more blue can this be? None more blue.

Totally stayed at home today to get maximum rest. And what is better to boost your health with than a spectacular view over the Bay...

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Oh, I thought the painting on the wall wasn't hanging straight

Millennium Tower is sinking! It's the tallest residential tower in San Francisco, only four feet taller than One Rincon Hill. It has sunk 16 inches in 8 years and even tilted 2 inches. Bad construction decisions and possible problems induced by neighboring construction sites as the Transbay Center could be the cause.

Read more at SF Gate

South Park

Went to work AND the doctor today. Nice combination, eh? Don't worry. I just shifted some very lightweight papers and then grabbed some grub with Jake (the meanest looking programmer on Earth) in South Park.

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