Cleveland Heights, Oakland, CA

Good Saturday morning. You guys wanted to know what our temporary rental house in Oakland looks like. Here it is, if you can make something out of it behind all the foliage. It's in Cleveland Heights, on Wesley Avenue.

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Lago grill taqueria

Lago Grill Taqueria in Oakland has only one single table with 2 chairs. It's simply a hole in the wall. But the burritos are great. Gotta love the Mexican tamarind soda.

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Heavenly colors

Such beautiful tree on 18th street, Mission district, San Francisco. Hardly any leaves, only flowers.

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Debate this

Debate what? San Francisco, Berkeley or Hayward? Or is it the detour, perhaps?


Big Brother is in town!

My brother Lars and Susanne from Sweden met up today at Mama's in North Beach. Great fun. The lunch was sponsored by our good ol' father :-)


The newly snuck-outs

The wedding party is at full swing. But the newly-weds are nowhere to be found. A classic.

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A gorgeous Saturday morning at Lake Tahoe. Perfect for the Big Day, Jason's & Jill's wedding day.

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Lakeside evening

Awesome evening too.

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When the lake calls

Awesome day by the lake today.

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A busy and happy weekend

Sarah and I are attending Jason's & Jill's wedding in South Lake Tahoe this weekend.

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Aged, like a fine wine

I've never been to Montpellier, and probably never will. But all the devs are in my age. Including Ancel. Gotta give them that.


Good Sunday morning

A sleepy, rather silent late Sunday morning in Sacramento, CA.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

So what do you do on a sunny warm afternoon in Sacramento, when your wife is babbling on the phone with some friend and you just want to go grab that already overdue ice cream? I don't know. Staring at your own phone for awhile, maybe. They have such a huge and prominent place in our lives anyway, don't they?

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Man's best friend

After the hearing today we went to the Sacramento SPCA for a short visit. Sarah's friend Kathy has a great love for their work, especially for the dogs.

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OK, here we go...

Jay is back in California and why not start fresh with some Intel rant. Is the X299 launch a simple cash grab? Is Intel panicking? Or wtf is going on in Santa Clara?



Yes, it's the whole second floor. Everything up there needs to go. This is going to take us all day. And all tomorrow.

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Union street festival

The Union Street Festival is rocking the Cow Hollow this weekend. Unfortunately Sarah and I have to clean out her winter rental in Livermore... Dang!

Computex 2017

Jay and Nick has been in Taiwan on the Computex 2017. Here's their vlog:


More job to do

Hmm... looks like we need to unclog the rain gutters before the weekend after all. The exterior needs to be tidy before the showing.

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Super Tofu Burrito, por favor

The burritos at El Buen Sabor in the Mission are not the best in town, but more than decent. I go here whenever I have the chance.

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Happy Memorial Day

Tomorrow Monday is Memorial Day. Freedom isn't something you should take for granted. It has to be conquered. By love - not force.



Having lunch at Pakwan on Jones and O'Farrell.

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Morning coffee on the morning ferry

There are snacks to have on the Sausalito-San Francisco ferry. The cabinet on the right is full of very nice donuts. Perfect on a muggy morning with some decent coffee. That and some Thursday thoughts on the 25 min ride.

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Where pizzas live

You guys ever been to Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach? Of course you do, because the pies are just incredible. All of them. However, if you've never been to this pizza heaven Omar Mamoon wrote a crash course in regional pizza styles for SF Chronicle yesterday. You can read it HERE.


Keep it up, bro

If you didn't know about Elric of ToT already, check his latest YT entry about himself and his health below:


Happy Easter!

Go easy on the eggs, folks. You should gobble candy, be happy and be good. It's Good Friday.


Triple X

A lengthy read on Phil Spencer's thoughts on Project Scorpio and what comes next for Microsoft. Pour a huge cup of coffee, click the link and enjoy: Phil Spencer on Project Scorpio.


"You gotta be kidding me!"

Jay woke up yesterday and thought Nvidia's marketing division gone totally imbecile.


Jay just hit 1M!

Jay just hit 1,000,000 subs. Congrats man! If you want to take part of his great giveaway, you should subscribe too.


Home sweet home

Jake's been playing around with his drone again and dropped me a few pics of our beautiful Sausalito.


BART faces funding problems with proposed infrastructure cuts

Trump vowed to spend a lot on infrastructure when he ran for P. Sadly the new budget proposal speaks another language. If all goes according to his plans, BART will suffer from slashed New Start fundings, totally needed to get their asses moving with their much needed projects throughout the Bay Area. Yesterday, a storm raged the Twitter: SFGate


Back to Mordor

A new Middle-Earth game is announced. Check the trailer below.


Presidents Day?

Hmm... it's Presidents Day today. I think I'll put my celebration on hold for a while. Maybe remember the good old days when this country had a real leader in the name of the real America. You know what I'm talking about.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Jake took a nice winter afternoon drone pic of our beloved Sausalito the other day. Still in Europe I feel awfully homesick.


A day one purchase

Nioh is close to its release day. As a long time DS fan, It's right up my alley.


Memory foam bean bag chairs and bro made full time employee

Jay never does the day-in-the-life-of kind of vlogs, but he finally did one the other day and here it is:


Those precious framerates

Got a 60Hz monitor or a 120Hz or even a 144Hz? Does it make any difference when it comes to experience those - potential - higher framerates? Find out by clicking the image below.


Sweet memories

Here at Le BHV Marais, Sarah and I bought the padlock (love lock) we put on the Pont de l'Archevéché's bridge railing back in December 2011. Sweet memories...

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Cardinal Lemoine

Cardinal Lemoine subway station.

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Good morning 2017

We're waking up to a somewhat gloomy and above all COLD morning in Paris this first day of January 2017. View from our hotel room.

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