We're remodeling

As probably most of you already know, we are postponing the sale of our house. The estate is currently off market and the main reason for this is because we want to remodel the western part of the complex (seen to the left of the photo behind the porch) and seal it off completely from the eastern part. This will make it into two separate units. The project is loosely estimated to cost about $100,000 and will start in 2018.

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Unboxing the Xbox One X

Xbox One X is being unboxed today, Sunday 20th. Check it out below. Kinda cool the project name Scorpio stays with it in the limited edition.


Let's create more of that which will save the world

When Sarah and I were walking the streets of San Francisco today we found this message sprayed on the ground. Yes, that's what this city is all about. It's about something of which Washington knows nothing.

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Our very own evening

We're sitting in the Tonga room by the Hurricane bar at Fairmont. Nice music, Sarah's having a drink and I'm sipping on an alcohol free orange juice with coconut flavor. Life can't be better...

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- Five years, honey. Time flies...

5th Year Anniversary dinner at good 'ol Fairmont! :-)

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Seeking shade

Our neighbors are relaxing in Yee Tock Chee park on Bridgeway in our lovely Sausalito.

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Time for my absolute favorite of all the burritos I crave in the Bay Area: 360 Degrees Gourmet Burrito's Cajun Burrito with sour cream and smoked tofu. Daym!

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Jackson street, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA.

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Geek out

Almost all my dev coworkers are hardcore geeks. Especially when new hardware comes out. But it doesn't get much geekier than this:

Gimme that!

Friday! Pizza for lunch! Yay! This beauty is a genuine Round Table Pie. Gobble on that, suckers!

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Buy Dan a drink

Showing some colleagues from Montreal The Musee Mecanique at Fishermans Wharf. Dan behind me is asking for a drink. Sure, no problem. But I can't help the guy is creepy as hell.

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The Beast of a CPU soon to come

Trevor got hold of a Threadripper and now we are benchmarking it. Jason is all over the place...

[FYI: The pic is the i9/X299 we are using as a reference. Trev is too wary to let me publish a pic of the 1950x/X399 as it's not released yet. Sissy!]

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Twisted facts

This Tea Tree just below the Camron-Stanford House by Lake Merritt in Oakland isn't dead. There are numerous reports of how it comes to life on full moon nights...

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State your mind

Silliness is a state of mind, or simply a way of joking. I wonder if you can tell the difference by just looking at me. Because I'm not the one holding the camera that's shaking from laughter ;-)

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Time to breathe

After 2 days of hot sticky mugginess the sky finally clears up over Cleveland Heights in Oakland.

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You shall not pass!

Wifey doesn't want me to enter the garage for a reason. Hmm... wonder what's going on here...

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SOMA's rising

The SOMA district has a major boom with the Transbay Transit Center, Salesforce Tower and the 181 Fremont skyscraper nearing their completion.

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Sausalito ferry terminal

Summertime it's always a crazy amount of bikers riding the ferry back to San Francisco.

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Fringie, good 'ol Fringie

Our Fringe tree by the balcony has always been suffering from bullies. I feel sorry for the poor tree.

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Alive and well

Checking in on our house in Sausalito this weekend. The stairs and the adjacent greenery looks pretty well tended. Amazing since we haven't lived here for over 7 weeks. Our neighbors are great :-)

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When I walked to the bus shelter this morning it was trashed. Sad. I saw a little dog walk right over the shards while its owner didn't see a thing, occupied by texting on his cell.

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When the big boys play

Hardware porn at Trevor's tonight. Jason is with us and he's a happy boy :-)

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Who you gonna call?

In San Francisco, the zombie apocalypse (which we all know will eventually come) is already a real thing. It's big business, so to speak.

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G'morning Oakland!

Oakland skyline. Taken this beautiful Sunday morning on our morning walk around Lake Merritt.

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North Beach

People seeking shade in Washington Square park, North Beach, San Francisco.

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The Mission

The Mission. I love this neighborhood. It's noisy, busy and obnoxious. And the Mexican food... ahhh the food...

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The perfect Tuesday

Waiting for the bus after a full day's work. It's sticky as hell. 90% humidity feels like Alabama. I'm tired and longing for a cold shower...

Thanks for reading this far.

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Getting ready for...

Yep, we're doing it again, walking the Walk. I think we've walked it every year since 2009. The 6-mile walk is fun and it's for a good cause. Got to get the camera ready :-)

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AIDS Walk 2017

We walked the AIDS Walk today, and as always the Golden Gate Park was packed with participants in the warm weather.

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Good Saturday morning

It's 9.30 in the morning and the Grand Lake Farmers Market is already starting up.

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Everything has its time

Hm... If you'd ask me, I'd go for some ice cream instead, guys. Right about now. A quick ride to Bi-Rite, anyone?

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The Sunset

While Sarah's in LA, I'm taking the opportunity to visit Trevor in the Sunset. And while there I can't resist climbing Grandview Park to get some nice pictures. The street you see stretching all the way out to Ocean Beach is Moraga Street.

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California Summer

After my 2nd interview today I hiked the trail between Moraga and Lafayette. Exciting AND hot. Gotta love the rolling Contra Costa hills! :-)

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West Oakland

Tuesday morning view from West Oakland BART Station. This is a typical residential street in this neck of the woods.

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Lazy Saturday afternoon

A gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Dolores Park.

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Yesterday, Steve tried out the two modes of the Vega FE in some quick tests. Any difference between Pro and Gaming? Well check it out. AMD's got some splaining to do...


Some potential?

We're checking out some new real estate this afternoon and wifey is excited :-)

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Time to get up old man. It's Fourth!

Visiting Richard for a 4th of July brunch. And he's not even noticing we're coming...

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Happy Independence Day


A beautiful view

Russian Hill from Pier 39.

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Checking in

On our way to check in on our house before the 4th of July Holidays.

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Stealing attention

The attention signs on BART are simply hilarious.

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Playing it rough

We got a $2.91M bid on the house yesterday. That's hell of a lot. But Sarah's playing it rough. Not a single penny under $3.0M, she says. And who am I to disagree :-)

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All color fits all

A typical SF artifact. A bench on 9th avenue, Inner Sunset, San Francisco.

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Lakeshore Avenue

A snapshot of Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland. I like the balcony on the house in the center of the photo. Party-ready, so to speak.

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555 City Center

The reflectivity of 555 City Center in Oakland is striking.

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Cleveland Heights, Oakland, CA

Good Saturday morning. You guys wanted to know what our temporary rental house in Oakland looks like. Here it is, if you can make something out of it behind all the foliage. It's in Cleveland Heights, on Wesley Avenue.

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Lago grill taqueria

Lago Grill Taqueria in Oakland has only one single table with 2 chairs. It's simply a hole in the wall. But the burritos are great. Gotta love the Mexican tamarind soda.

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Heavenly colors

Such beautiful tree on 18th street, Mission district, San Francisco. Hardly any leaves, only flowers.

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Debate this

Debate what? San Francisco, Berkeley or Hayward? Or is it the detour, perhaps?