Memory foam bean bag chairs and bro made full time employee

Jay never does the day-in-the-life-of kind of vlogs, but he finally did one the other day and here it is:


Those precious framerates

Got a 60Hz monitor or a 120Hz or even a 144Hz? Does it make any difference when it comes to experience those - potential - higher framerates? Find out by clicking the image below.


Sweet memories

Here at Le BHV Marais, Sarah and I bought the padlock (love lock) we put on the Pont de l'Archevéché's bridge railing back in December 2011. Sweet memories...

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Cardinal Lemoine

Cardinal Lemoine subway station.

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Good morning 2017

We're waking up to a somewhat gloomy and above all COLD morning in Paris this first day of January 2017. View from our hotel room.

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