A controller steaming with possibilities?

Yesterday Valve revealed their Steam PC game controller. This little fella uses haptic feedback which basically makes this controller a device which should satisfy keyboard and mouse users as it is "allowing precise control over frequency, amplitude and direction of movement". Read more here.


Tri-level home in Oakland

A Victorian for less than $1M? In San Francisco? No, no, no... in Oakland. My personal experience of Oakland is over all good. And I think I could live there. But Sarah, who has so much more experience of the Bay Area would never in her life move there. But she said on the phone from Hong Kong she likes this tri-level home right smack in the middle of Oakland Great Lake neighborhood.

Photo: OpenHomesPhotography


Does China have a Chinatown?

When Sarah's in Hong Kong she usually bombards me with photos. This time around she is reacting on how dirty the streets and street buildings are while most skyscrapers are shiny and beautiful. She also thinks Chinatown in San Francisco is more colorful than the real deal. But isn't that just typical? Isn't everything more colorful in SF, Sarah? ;-)


What is this, seriously?

Am I gawking at an example of neo-colonialism taken seriously or simply a piece of art?

Stockholm subway, September 5 2013.

From iPad

No snow in sight

Nice late summer weather in Stockholm.

From iPad


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day ya'll! It's the first time since 2009 I'm not in the US to celebrate. Feels kinda weird. But Sarah's in muggy Hong Kong working and I'm in chilly Stockholm working so we both have to suck it up. No Labor Day holiday for us this year. We're saving it for later ;-)