Pic that makes me homesick

Got a pic taken from Sausalito Yacht Club this morning (you can see San Francisco in the distance) after a phone call from Jason who is checking on our house while the winter tenants are abroad. Sarah is in Seattle and I am in Stockholm. I am looking so forward to leave for my hometown next month!!


Happy Easter Holidays!

Happy Easter Holidays ya'll! Sarah called me last night and yapped about a property in Berkeley that caught her attention. Usually she doesn't wince when East Bay comes up but this one is different. It's a beautiful 1925 house in Claremont for $1.8M. Open House on Easter Sunday. She said she would probably go there and have a peek.

Photos: Liz Rusby


Anchor tenant renames Transbay Tower

Transbay Tower, the huge new skyscraper slated for a 2017 completion is about to be renamed after the main tenant Salesforce, a cloud computing company which has landed a deal to lease half the building. "Salesforce Tower" will be the new name. Hm... I can almost hear the tax breaks kicking in, making this deal possible...