"Happy Thanksgiving"

Stewie on a landline yesterday: "So you guys think Brian is gone? Just you wait and see. Oh, by the way: Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your stupid turkey. Me, on the other hand, am gonna set things straight!"


The wizard of id resigns

John Carmack leaves id. Not really a game designer but hell of an engineer, he can fuse software and hardware like no one else. What will he do now? Keep on with the Oculus Rift project, presumably.


The One and Only (?) is out

On Friday the 22nd, the Xbox One was launched in the US. Microsoft reports of more than 60 million zombies killed in Dead Rising 3 on this very first day alone. What a crazy and understandable way to start the Holiday season, guys ;-)

Photo: Gerardo Mora


Our special blend

Gas prices are in general 40 cents higher per gallon in California than in the rest of the US. Everyone from out of state who comes to the Golden State usually wonders why. Well, it's because California has a high gas tax and - this is not so widely known - it's own special fuel blend to fight air pollution. There are only a few selected refineries that can produce it and this "blends in" in the equation. You can read more about it here.

Photo: The Chronicle. Pay cash and you get a discount!


Going to Amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam over the weekend to meet Sarah. She has flown in from Cairo and we are taking our chance to meet of course :-)

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