Democracy now

Sarah is in Hongkong on her annual month-long visit. She likes it there and has a huge friend base among the locals as well as her clients. This year she is a bit scared. The pro-democracy protests that's been taking place shove a reminder in her face that this hyper tech city is actually part of a communist state.

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After almost a week in Hongkong Sarah re-recognizes what she noticed last year: the Chinese city is bustling with people and human activity but for some reason it's not as colorful (and she means literally) as our own Chinatown in San Francisco. The signs and ads are duller and kinda bland. I personally don't really see any difference but this is what my wife does for a living...

From an email from Sarah


Bye for a while

Our sweet Sausalito, take care of our house when we're away. Sarah is flying with me to Copenhagen today where she careens to Budapest and I to Stockholm. She will after a week or so fly on her annual month long visit to Hong Kong. Me? I'm going to Sweden to work.

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Yellow, green and blue: California colors

The typical California biotope with the gorgeous Valley Oak and the bone dry brush under an ever blue sky along our favorite hiking trail.

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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day ya'll!