For the love of a State

Where our heart is? Silly question!

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For the love of a city

San Francisco looks exceptionally beautiful in the late August sunshine.

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A trailer home on the sidewalk at Pillar Point in El Granada, Half Moon Bay, CA.

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Roadtrip on a Thursday

Jason and Jill is right behind us...

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Deserving due attention

Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world. The Bay Bridge is almost as beautiful but doesn't get any attention at all. Hence this pic of it, taken from Telegraph Hill.

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A big reminder

Shortly before 3.30 am last night Sarah and I woke up when the whole bedroom shooke. "Crap! Is this the One?" said Sarah and grabbed my arm. After like 10 seconds the shaking stopped. We managed to get back to sleep but in the morning we realized that a 6.0 had hit Napa, the strongest to hit the Bay Area since Loma Prieta in 1989. Scary.

Photo: The Chronicle


Remembering the Day

On the bedside table this our 2nd Anniversary Morning. Sweet :-)

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Afternoon sport in the backyard

Sarah has a lot of white socks. And a lot of those white socks have holes in them...

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The beauty of a tree

The beauty of two different trees in the Bay Area. One in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco and the other in downtown Oakland.

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Desperate or smart?

The Mission or the Tenderloin, it's all the same. Pic taken this morning on Jones street.

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