Not every house in Sausalito is fashionable

One of the weirdest looking houses in central Sausalito, not far from Rachel's old house, is on sale according to Nadine Greenwood. It's not a very beautiful house. It's chunky and blocky. It looks like the upper part has been added with too much need of space and too little awareness of style and fashion. The asking price is $2.095 million.

Listing: Nadine Greenwood


Gorgeous home

In just five weeks I'll be arriving in my beloved San Francisco again. This time around I won't be working, thank goodness. I'll be taking my (our) time to check out nice new homes instead :-) What about this gorgeous house in San Rafael, 6 miles north from Sausalito? Asking price? $2.25 million. A bargain!

Photo: Matt McCourtney