On our way back to SF from Sausalito.

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A lazy day on the Bay

The Bay and the most beautiful city in the world in the distance. Photo taken from Sausalito.

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Our own Golden Gate Bridge

Got a nice photo of the GGB through the roof of Sarah's convertible today...

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Geary street

Well, we're in San Francisco after all...

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Went to Source today with my friend David. I can't remember I have ever left this place without a large chunk of the burger still on my plate. They are huge.

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Close to the edge...

Sarah is not as fond of the sun as I am but she occasionly goes out there when she feels the urge. This is on the roof of her friend Kathy's place, just a block from our rental in SF. She has the nerve to lie down close to the roof edge seven stories above the street. Jeez I got scared and mad at the same time when I saw her.

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Rincy got a little sister

The North Tower or Tower Two at One Rincon Hill (to the left) was more or less completed earlier this year. Sarah and I had a crush on this place a few years ago and we actually will register for a priority notification :-)

More on this new SF epicenter: One Rincon Hill

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4th of July brunch

4th of July brunch. Richard (my father in law) dropped by and Sarah cooked us a little treat ;-)

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Shade House Cat

Cherry likes our backyard. But when the hose comes out she's nowhere to be seen :-)

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Lakeshore Avenue

This is where Yimmie and Jessie lived before they moved to Potrero Hill.

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Under the ever blue California sky

Soaking up some sun at Lake Merritt.

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