Don't wanna "meat up" with a coyote

On my way to The Academy of Sciences in the GGP to meet up with Trevor I saw this sign. It's relatively often nowadays. There's probably a whole family pack of them roaming the park at night...

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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone! To celebrate we let you all gawk at this gorgeous pic of our Sausalito and San Francisco in the hazy distance.

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Drought. Garden. Work.

Besides fixing the roof we have to do something about the garden. The mandatory water cuts aren't troubling us as all plants are resilient but Sarah wants to rearrange them and I think I get the drift. Kinda.

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The best tenants ever!

Daryl and Lea who have rented the mid-section of our house since September checked out the other day. And they left the house in such a super clean condition that we are totally astonished. It's like it never has been occupied at all :-)


The Witcher 3 launch trailer

Everything is about The Witcher 3 now. Watch this launch cinematic and you will get a good grip of what The Witcher is all about. This is pure awesomeness.


A Masterpiece...

Praise for The Witcher 3. Click on the pic to read and watch.


Fallout 4 confirmed?

Are we stepping one step closer to Fallout 4? A CG artist listed a Fallout cinematic trailer on his LinkedIn profile. Does that say anything of real substance? It depends but this artist has been working on Far Cry 4 and Forza (also listed on the profile) so it can't be too far fetched to interpret this as legit info. We will probably know a lot more at this year's E3 in June. Bethesda is going to have its own conference, the first ever, and we are cautiously optimistic this time around.