Jordan's Journey

Hope for Paws is an organization that rescues dogs and other animals that are suffering. Watch this touching journey where little Jordan steps up from close to death to full health and vigor, ready to take on the world as all dogs should be able to. Please donate.


Not just sand

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is being overall received with praise. You can read Gamespot's review HERE.


Depart already!

Taking to the skies again. And as usual, the flight is delayed by over 30 minutes.

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Bring it on!

As an avid rpg player I've been waiting for Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen to arrive on PC. And now it's here. Gamers love it, even more than the Dragon Age franchise. And the professional critics? Here's a link to a review that pretty much covers the whole point. and says it all.


Sunday flight lullaby

Gotta say this was the busiest job weekend in years. I'm totally exhausted. And now I'm safely seated on the 7.45 pm flight back to Stockholm. 2 and a half hours of shut eye bliss. I'm in heaven.

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A slight delay

My flight AF 1263 to Paris with departure time at 1.05pm is a bit delayed. Guess I have time to visit the restroom then. Take a dump even.

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We've got polar bears too

A store in Terminal 2 at Arlanda airport sells a lamb skin for 300 bucks. Perfect for the freezer-like temps in these parts of the world.

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$600 to get dizzy

$600 for the Oculus? The price was announced yesterday. I have tested one of the earlier versions in Paris and I wasn't convinced at all. This is Peter and Justin's take on the latest version and if it's going to be a mainstream success or not. Straight from CES 2016 in Las Vegas.


No more CPU overhead limitations?

So, with Windows 10 comes DirectX 12. As an avid PC gamer you're probably going to ponder - or at least wonder - whether low-level APIs are going to deliver better performance, consistent frame delivery and all that which makes life worth living. Check out the outlines of it by clicking HERE.