Nothing beats North Beach

We left the bustling Financial district for out beloved North Beach. This is the perfect place to hang out hot days and grab some food, some drink and just enjoy life.

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Parade day

One million people is estimated moving about downtown SF today for the Pride Parade. It's hot, it's humid and it's party in every corner.

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Everytime I enter Powell street station I see this sign. It's Norwegian airlines that set up a new line between Oakland and Stockholm this April. It says nonstop but it's only partly true. Some of the departures make a stop in Oslo for a few hours. So be advised. Some of the stops can be up to 6 hours long!

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Another Dolores

Dolores street, San Francisco, CA.

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Marocco? No, Dolores street, San Francisco, CA.

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My favorite burrito of all time when I'm in East Bay: A Cajun smoked tofu burrito. Sooo good!

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Happy Midsummer

We've just had our breakfast, Sarah's on her way to work and it struck me it's Midsummer's Eve in Sweden this very Friday. Actually one of the biggest Swedish holidays. How I'm gonna celebrate it half a world away? Why not by flipping through the Collector's Edition Guide to Dark Souls 2! :-)

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G'morning Nob Hill

We're staying at our downtown apartment for a few days due to water shut off at our house in Sausalito. This is Sutter street in its Tuesday morning hue.

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How do you get back to the 60's? On a trip. A trip to Haight Ashbury.

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Our backyard plants. Easy to take care of, easy to forget and easy... [fill in desired expression]

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There's only one way...

The new and "refurbished" highrises in the Civic Center area are coming up nicely. Photo taken from our rental in downtown San Francisco June 13 2014.

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Weekend party on the beach.

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One friggin popular beach

Anfi del Mar...

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Much ado behind bars and codes

Along the ocean trail to Anfi there are quite a few "gated communities". Here are two of them.

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Smashing records

It's been out for only a week but sold 4 million copies already. Now is that a major success or what. Daym!

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Pounding waves

High surf advisory today, just like in Ocean Beach in San Francisco. These waves are quite dangerous. There's almost no wind but the waves are slamming.

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Private pool

Hmm... for some strange unknown reason this looks so darn enticing.

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