Super Tofu Burrito, por favor

The burritos at El Buen Sabor in the Mission are not the best in town, but more than decent. I go here whenever I have the chance.

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Happy Memorial Day

Tomorrow Monday is Memorial Day. Freedom isn't something you should take for granted. It has to be conquered. By love - not force.



Having lunch at Pakwan on Jones and O'Farrell.

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Morning coffee on the morning ferry

There are snacks to have on the Sausalito-San Francisco ferry. The cabinet on the right is full of very nice donuts. Perfect on a muggy morning with some decent coffee. That and some Thursday thoughts on the 25 min ride.

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Where pizzas live

You guys ever been to Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach? Of course you do, because the pies are just incredible. All of them. However, if you've never been to this pizza heaven Omar Mamoon wrote a crash course in regional pizza styles for SF Chronicle yesterday. You can read it HERE.