Merry X-mas!

Merry X-mas everyone! Hope everything is well with you and that Santa's being nice to you and all :-)

I'm in Sweden at the moment and there's no X-mas feeling at all, with the temps in the mid 40s this very X-mas Eve. But I don't mind. Winter is not my plate, as you know ;-)


Gearing up for Xmas

SantaCon 2013 kicked off yesterday in San Francisco. But to be honest this pic by Michael Short should be considered typical of SF anytime of the year. Everything is there. Such a great shot.

Photo: Michael Short


"Happy Thanksgiving"

Stewie on a landline yesterday: "So you guys think Brian is gone? Just you wait and see. Oh, by the way: Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your stupid turkey. Me, on the other hand, am gonna set things straight!"


The wizard of id resigns

John Carmack leaves id. Not really a game designer but hell of an engineer, he can fuse software and hardware like no one else. What will he do now? Keep on with the Oculus Rift project, presumably.


The One and Only (?) is out

On Friday the 22nd, the Xbox One was launched in the US. Microsoft reports of more than 60 million zombies killed in Dead Rising 3 on this very first day alone. What a crazy and understandable way to start the Holiday season, guys ;-)

Photo: Gerardo Mora


Our special blend

Gas prices are in general 40 cents higher per gallon in California than in the rest of the US. Everyone from out of state who comes to the Golden State usually wonders why. Well, it's because California has a high gas tax and - this is not so widely known - it's own special fuel blend to fight air pollution. There are only a few selected refineries that can produce it and this "blends in" in the equation. You can read more about it here.

Photo: The Chronicle. Pay cash and you get a discount!


Going to Amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam over the weekend to meet Sarah. She has flown in from Cairo and we are taking our chance to meet of course :-)

From phone


West coast in my heart

In the Stockholm subway Scandinavian Airlines are advertising for their newly opened destination San Francisco. I feel homesick to the bones when I see it. Especially now when it's freezing cold and the friggin dark season is here.

From phone


Our sweet Sausalito

A remodeled house on Alexander avenue in Sausalito is on sale. Asking price? $7.195 million. Follow the link if you want to see what you can get in Sausalito if you dig really deep in your pockets. Speaking of Sausalito, our house there is now in the hands of a young executive couple until May next year. Feels great to know someone can take care of it while Sarah and I can't be there.

Photo: Jason Wells


A controller steaming with possibilities?

Yesterday Valve revealed their Steam PC game controller. This little fella uses haptic feedback which basically makes this controller a device which should satisfy keyboard and mouse users as it is "allowing precise control over frequency, amplitude and direction of movement". Read more here.


Tri-level home in Oakland

A Victorian for less than $1M? In San Francisco? No, no, no... in Oakland. My personal experience of Oakland is over all good. And I think I could live there. But Sarah, who has so much more experience of the Bay Area would never in her life move there. But she said on the phone from Hong Kong she likes this tri-level home right smack in the middle of Oakland Great Lake neighborhood.

Photo: OpenHomesPhotography


Does China have a Chinatown?

When Sarah's in Hong Kong she usually bombards me with photos. This time around she is reacting on how dirty the streets and street buildings are while most skyscrapers are shiny and beautiful. She also thinks Chinatown in San Francisco is more colorful than the real deal. But isn't that just typical? Isn't everything more colorful in SF, Sarah? ;-)


What is this, seriously?

Am I gawking at an example of neo-colonialism taken seriously or simply a piece of art?

Stockholm subway, September 5 2013.

From iPad

No snow in sight

Nice late summer weather in Stockholm.

From iPad


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day ya'll! It's the first time since 2009 I'm not in the US to celebrate. Feels kinda weird. But Sarah's in muggy Hong Kong working and I'm in chilly Stockholm working so we both have to suck it up. No Labor Day holiday for us this year. We're saving it for later ;-)


No fire without smoke

After already arrived in Sweden since a couple days and Sarah in Hong Kong, though with a few days delay via Dubai, we got a pic from our friends in Nevada, close to Reno and Lake Tahoe. The big Rim Fire in Yosemite is spreading and the smoke is spreading even further, actually much further. Maybe you don't see anything special in this pic but the truth is in the distance there should tower beautiful mountains - now it's a smoky haze. Our friends are pretty pissed, because who wants to live in a house that smells like a Ranger's cabin?


The flight

It's a 4-hour flight to O'Hare. Been there before. Sarah doesn't mind the airport but my experience of it is no good. Hope this time will change my opinion.

From iPad

Gate 94

The San Bruno mountains with the ocean layer on top and parts of South San Francisco
can be seen from our Chicago bound gate at SFO this Wednesday morning.

From iPad



Our friendly neighbor Terry is driving us and our luggage to our rental apartment in SF. Sarah and I are flying together to Chicago tomorrow and then Sarah will go for a 3-week working trip to Hong Kong via Dubai. I'll be heading back to Sweden. This is her stuff for her trip. It fills up a whole friggin car (!).

From phone


1st Year Anniversary

1st year Anniversary breakfast! We have the whole day ahead of us to do whatever we want. No one else. Just us. Gotta love that...

From phone

[EDIT: We will be uploading our private photos onto Sarahs FTP throughout the day, so sign in any time you like and browse at your heart's content.]


Playful reference - serious business

A superhero agency is certainly needed to deal with the chaotic traffic situation in the Bay Area...


Bay Bridge opens

Looks like the new Bay Bridge will get its Grand Opening on Labour Day Holiday weekend after all, despite the broken rods and all. Feds have signed off on the temporary fix.

Photo: The Chronicle


Yet another veggie eatery pops up

My old colleagues took me to a relatively new veggie restaurant in Oakland today. Crazy cheap lunch and a crazy amount of dishes and entrees to choose from. The verdict after my sesame "chicken" lunch? So so. I have had better. The soup that comes with the lunch menu was absolutely OK but the spring roll was stale.

From iPad


Vintage SF

At the corner of Geary and Larkin. A piece of vintage San Francisco.

From iPad

Change of theme

Speaking of murals, the good old whale theme on Olive is now gone. Instead there is a clown theme of sorts.

From iPad


Say whaat!

There's a new mural on Geary, one block from our rental on Jones street. I don't know what it's supposed to say. It's well done but it doesn't emit good vibes. It's like it wants to say: You're close to Tenderloin so get 'scared to the bone' and 'jump out of your skin' cuz you're gonna get chopped up anyway. Weird.

From iPad


Filbert street

A part of San Francisco I can never get tired of...


Community BBQ

Every other Sunday we're having a community bbq on the hill. Good for the neighborhood and for maintaining friendships. Today Sarah's the emcee :-)


The "other" America

You can easily tell you're in the Bay Area by the liberal standpoints just about anything. Sweet.


Stay on your toes - and don't scratch

California's got its share of monsters. Real ones.


Garden update

Today we're off to buy some new garden slabs for our backyard.

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Almost all recreation areas around the Bay Area have info on wildlife and fauna along the walking trails. They tell about snakes and mountain lions. Never seen any though.

Sunday walk

Sunday walk in East Bay.


Fort Mason

Fort Mason in the Marina District, San Francisco, CA.


Nightly activities

Now and then Sarah has to work at night, like when she needs to be online with her clients in China. How she keeps herself awake? Not lots and lots of coffee as what one would expect (she is a tea drinker btw) but with lots and lots of cookie bars. You can tell by the content of the trash can its been a rough night

From iPad


Odors of a city within a city

Walking through Chinatown makes you encounter a lot of things, like odors for example. Most of them are pleasurable, but some are not. To me Chinatown smells of food and garbage. The major streets are jam packed with vendors selling everything imaginable, edible or not. The back alleys are jam packed too, as you can see.


Heading to our house again

On our way to Sausalito. A tropical storm is heading our way, according to the news.

From phone


Homeworld in HD

This blog isn't about games anymore but I feel obliged to highlight the fact that Gearbox is going to release HD remakes of the RTS golden goodies Homeworld and Homeworld 2 on PC. The company purchased the IP when THQ were sold in the beginning of 2013. Cool.


Vintage SF

A piece of vintage San Francisco. Green street, North Beach. My favorite neighborhood.

The non-typical SF

This is not the typical SF. This is the gluttonous Fisherman's Wharf. Sadly what many tourists will see (and think they have to see) when they tour The City.

The typical SF

A genuine San Francisco building on Columbus. Style, color and atmosphere that's typical for The City.


Gondolas? Here?

No folks, it's not Venice. It's Oakland, CA.

Lakeshore Avenue

Some upscale properties on Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, CA.

Lake Merritt view

The entire downtown Oakland right there.

Lake Merritt

The farthest corner of Lake Merritt with Our Lady of Lourdes Church to the right.

Saturday in Oakland, CA

Downtown Oakland with the old Hill Castle Apartment Hotel in the center of the photo.

Oakland and Lake Merritt

Part of downtown Oakland taken from Lake Merritt.

The city of Oakland

Sarah went to a meeting today in Oakland and I tagged along. The Lake Merritt offers quite a few beautiful views of the city.


Can't get enuff of 'em!

After a rather confused day we ended up in our favorite pizza restaurant in Marin County: Round Table in Mill Valley. I'm very picky when it comes to pizzas, even pickier than Sarah. But this is da shit. I dream of this pizza for days after we've been here. Just look at this beauty!

From iPad


Perry is worrying about bugs in our garden. Our nutty neighbor is even more worried and thinks he sees termites. C'mon guys, have you ever heard the expression to have bats in the belfry?

From Sarah's iPhone