Ocean view

Sarah returned to Barcelona for a hectic work week today and I will start my own little vacation before I meet up with her and we fly back to San Francisco.

I got myself a unit at the hotel I stayed at 2 years ago in Arguineguin: Dorado Beach. Fun to return to a place you already know. I love the big balcony and this is the beautiful early evening view of the ocean...

From laptop

Day of the Canary Islands

At the beach of Montsemar the locals are gearing up for today's Dia de Canarias.

From iPad


More Bioshock and RDR coming our way

Strauss Zelnick has confirmed at an analyst conference that Take-Two are planning to release more games for the Bioshock and Red Dead Redemption IP:s. That's good news. I love both of them but especially RDR. I didn't finish it because of my own fault by saturation but I'll be forking out for a day one buy upon release.


Smooth sail

My new travel laptop which is at the same time a gaming laptop works fine. It weighs in at about 9 lbs but it's doable. Going through airport security is a smooth sail and it's totally equipped for running Watch Dogs at reasonable settings.

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Chicago hack blues

OK, so Watch Dogs is out. I'm gonna be playing it throughout the summer on PC. There are some reviews out there for you, who still are reluctant (shame on you!), but they are almost exclusively on console. Check a few of them out:



Golden oldie

Perry is getting old, old and gray...

From Sarah's iPad

Happy Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Sarah is doing her compulsory (as I call it) workout in a gym and I´m enjoying taking in the GC feeling in our hotel close to Las Canteras. We were here 2 years ago and I liked it a lot, Sarah was more so-so. But she was, and now is, here to work. I never met a woman more passionate about her job than Sarah. Like a fish in the ocean is a cliché but damn it's spot on :-)

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From bustling Barcelona to the laidback Gran Canaria

Barcelona-Las Palmas flight today Thursday. A quick shot after the plane made a u-turn before landing at Las Palmas airport.

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A quick stop in Barcelona

Arrived in Barcelona this afternoon, a day later than planned. Everything went smooth however, but it looks like our 4 days here will be only one (!). Sarah needs to go to Las Palmas and THEN back to Barcelona because of a flaw in the organizational setup. And I'm not gonna make that loop, especially not since she needs to stay in Barcelona more than a week after Las Palmas. So I've decided to take a week off on Gran Canaria while she's messing around with her stuff :-) I definitely need it. Soak up some sun and just feel off the hook before we leave for San Francisco.

But Barcelona seems like a nice city. We rushed from our hotel to a place called Park Guell, something you apparently need to see if you're around these parts. I have no clue what to gawk at else in this densely populated city so I would not feel amiss if we'd just leave for the hotel and spend some quality time together :-)

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Let's hack the city

Watch Dogs is due in little more than a week. Ubi made a little video of a prank they pulled. Staged or not - it's pretty cool :-)


When things start heating up

The upcoming week will be another scorcher for the City. The second heat wave in a short time will hit the Bay Area and places like Livermore may hit record highs for this time of the year. Sarah told me they are expecting triple digits. That's not comfortable. But I'd take any heatwave over the lousy spring weather in Stockholm. It's chilly and dull, as usual. Can't wait to fly out next week!