A quick stop in Barcelona

Arrived in Barcelona this afternoon, a day later than planned. Everything went smooth however, but it looks like our 4 days here will be only one (!). Sarah needs to go to Las Palmas and THEN back to Barcelona because of a flaw in the organizational setup. And I'm not gonna make that loop, especially not since she needs to stay in Barcelona more than a week after Las Palmas. So I've decided to take a week off on Gran Canaria while she's messing around with her stuff :-) I definitely need it. Soak up some sun and just feel off the hook before we leave for San Francisco.

But Barcelona seems like a nice city. We rushed from our hotel to a place called Park Guell, something you apparently need to see if you're around these parts. I have no clue what to gawk at else in this densely populated city so I would not feel amiss if we'd just leave for the hotel and spend some quality time together :-)

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