Post Parade Activities

The bar downstairs was packed already by 3pm. It's gonna be a noisy night...

Catching breath after the parade

Revellers seeking shade in our street.

The higher the better

One tired reveller :-)

Parade Day

With 1,5 million people out in the streets during today's parade you could barely move.


Playstation 2

The Four Embarcadero Center always reminds me of Playstation 2. It has something to do with its shape or form.

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A weekend of baking equality

The Pride week is already here and on Sunday over 1,5 million people are expected to attend the parade. It's gonna be as sticky as the weather. The temps are gonna be scorching this weekend while a heatwave hits California. Triple digits are expected in the Tri-Valley. Sarah needs to go to her apartment in Livermore to get some stuff but she understandably hesitates. When there are heat advisories around the Bay, the Tri-Valley is even worse.

Financial district

A typical architectural mashup of what you can expect to see in San Francisco: old and new, playful and rigid.

Union Square

Union Square, San Francisco.


A dog's best friend

Mike is a dog's best friend. He's always surrounded by them whenever he shows up in Huntington Park on Nob Hill. Cute.


555 California

Me patriotic? Nah, I like the composition. That's all ;-)

Hence the double post ;-)


The Wild West

San Francisco with all its surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs is a big city. And its huge renowned Golden Gate Park is so big it hosts 20 wild coyotes roaming its 1.017 acres of green and lushy landscape, according to SF Chronicle.

Wait, that's Waits he's playing!

A guy at Powell street station is playing songs by Tom Waits. It's not bad. Not bad at all.

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Lunch at the Emporium

Lunching with my Ubi-friends at the Food Emporium like in the old days. This is my Philly Cheese "Steak". Yummi!

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Where do you want to work my friend?

With two cities on the top of the Glassdoor list the Bay Area has once again shown its prominence as the best place to work in. San José and San Francisco are the best cities to work in on a list of 50 major cities in the US. Why am I not surprised?


Iconic #2

The steep California street, Financial district with Bay Bridge and the ever blue California sky. San Francisco is beautiful and breathtaking, folks.

Iconic #1

Two icons in one shot: Top of the Mark and California/Van Ness cable car.


US Open

Steve Breen in the morning paper always gives me a good laugh with his sharp-eyed cartoon contributions on the politics in this country.

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A boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do

Quite a few friends have asked me if I still play video games after I left the games industry behind me (for good). It depends. I've been in a "quarantine" for a few months but when I came back to San Francisco and met all my friends who live for this crap I couldn't resist start playing again ;-) At the moment I'm playing the mandatory Bioshock Infinite and the notorius Dark Souls. When I'm not "taking care" of the house in Sausalito (for better or worse) that is. Or when Sarah isn't reaching for the remote.

Southwest view

Southwest view from our rental on Jones. The area with new highrises coming up is the Civic Center district.


The Monday afternoon mood

"Honey, that leaves us with two options. One, grab some grub right here in Chinatown or two, grab some grub somewhere else." (Dry logic by Perry on a Monday afternoon, when hunger is a demanding force that blurs reason, manner and patience).

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Bike the pole

Park your bike up the pole. It's free. And it won't get stolen. Jack London Square, Oakland.


San Francisco can be seen in the distance from the Waterfront, Oakland.

Father's Day lunch

It's Father's Day and we're celebrating old Karl (with the biggest smile on earth) at Fungomare by Jack London Square, Oakland.

Sunday morning

Late Sunday morning, Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA.


Do horses have their own badge?

North Beach police officers on duty.

Wherever I lay my nose that's my home

One sleepy festival goer.

Too many already?

Jake's getting in trouble again...

North Beach Festival 2013

It's the 59th annual North Beach Festival in San Francisco.


We all have our favorites

"Tony's" (Pine-Taylor Market) is our favorite convenient store in Nob Hill. He makes the best hummus in town. Even Sarah can crawl out of bed on a Sunday morning to go and get some for our breakfast.

SF median home prices reach $1M

San Francisco median home prices make a 32% jump from 2012 and is now $1M. That's prices The City hasn't seen since before the recession. The chart shows prices per SqFt, listed and sold.


Clean views

Cleaning the windows today in our downtown rental apartment.

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Sutter street

Wednesday morning on Sutter street, San Francisco.



A photo of  the artwork outside The Spinnaker Restaurant in Sausalito. We have eaten here hundreds of times (nah, that was probably an exaggeration. But say 40 times, give or take). A lot of seafood of course but they have great veggie options as well.


What's the deal with the real deal?

At the Westfield mall there is a place that has faux meat sandwiches. They are delicious.

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Sunday Fair in Haight Ashbury

We went to the Haight Fair in Haight Ashbury today. Man do I look stupid while trying to figure out how my new camera works...


"That island that's named after that cancelled TV show"

From the crest on Hyde you have a great view of "that island that's named after that cancelled TV show" as I heard someone say quizzically the other day ;-)

Lombard street

I haven't taken very many pictures of Lombard street, the "crookedest street in the world" throughout the years. You don't see much of the switchbacks on this one but it's a damn fine photo nevertheless.


Make way for new and fresh stuff

I like them, I really do. But these old lawn chairs from like the 70's or 80's got to go. If they weren't jampacked with repellants they could probably make an honorable exit as fuel for our next BBQ. What do you say, honey?

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Tending the garden

As a newly self-appointed gardener I have to take care of our backyard (and our front yard but it's less demanding). And there are a lot of these aloe vera cactuses which I like as they don't need very much attention under the fierce Califonian sun. Non at all, actually. They look a little scary but are a self-appointed gardener's best friend :-)

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Roasted Duck Curry

For lunch today I had a Roasted Duck Curry. Veggie duck with pineapple, tomatoes in red curry. The place is located on Polk in the notorious Tenderloin district. But everyone in The City knows the best chow can be found in the worst of neighborhoods. The name of the eatery? Thai Idea Vegetarian. Not very tasty name but the food sure is great. You can check out the menu right here.

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The beauty of a neighborhood

The colors of Filbert Street, North Beach.

Nob Hill

Ladies and gentlemen, Nob Hill in all its splendour!

View from Telegraph Hill

The Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Photo taken from Telegraph Hill.

Big and small

The big and still cosy city...

555 California Street

555 California Street, also known as the Bank of America building.


Extremely hungry

The guys are telling me our pizzas are ready to meet our chompers. Extremely ready.

You got to try these

Mouth watering treats...


Nettie's Crab Shack is considered an icon here in Cow Hollow.

From video games to food

My restaurant is doing great.

Nice to meat you

Dead body parts for those who still cherish the stone age.