Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Paris! Sarah & I ended up in good ol Paris instead of Rome. But that's OK. It's such a great city, which I have come to know pretty well after all the years at Ubi. But it's sooooo COLD here at the moment!

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Glad tidings!

Merry Xmas everyone! Be grateful of what you have and take care of each other. Sarah and I will be meeting up in Rome (or Paris if her schedule goes bust) over the New Year.

Photo: Snowhoe photography


Rain keeps fallin...

The tenants who are currently renting our house are reporting heavy rainfall over Sausalito. Luckily the high elevation makes the downpour not very likely to undermine or flood our premises. But at bay level... king tides have been battering Harbor Drive for a few days now.

Photo: Our Sausalito


Every Last One of Them

Joel and Ellie are back. The Last of Us Part II has been announced. Check out the trailer below.