Happy New Year 2015!

Yet another year has been filed and a brand new is beckoning. How exciting! I wish all my friends all over the world a Happy New Year. Take care of each other and make this world a better place.

Photo: A shaky cellphone pic of last year's SF fireworks by my brother in arms Trevor.


Merry Xmas!

A very Merry Xmas everyone! Funny, Sarah and I have never celebrated Christmas together. Pity? Of course, but neither of us is especially fond of traditions in a celebrating sense. And we met up in Amsterdam last weekend so we have already exchanged presents (yes, presents is a nice tradition) :-) Anyways, she is now in Mexico - job related of course - and I'm in dark and cold Sweden. To be honest, if there's a time of the year I would like to be in Sweden it's around Christmas. Sweden is special in December.

Photo of Union Square, San Francisco: my Ubisoft ex-coworker and best friend Jason


A fat rain calls for a fat wallet

The roofer knows how to charge you beyond any wallet. When Daryl, who rents our house in Sausalito with his family let the guy climb up on the shingles it took only 10 minutes to determine the leak and take a pic. The cost? $2100. Kidding? No.


Water undermines - and relieves

The annual precipitation in San Francisco is low. And with the ongoing drought in mind it's even less than low. But the last couple days' storms have been the biggest in years. Sarah told me our house in Sausalito is leaking (!) and even sink holes (!) are showing up in Richmond. Well what do you know, sink holes in SF. World's upside-down.

Photo: The Chronicle