Scorcher coming up

The second hot spell in a week is hitting the Bay Area today. Triple digits are expected inland and we're so lucky to be closer to the ocean in Sausalito :-)

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Friendship is our most precious thing

The community BBQ today was as nice as always. This is a damn fine neighborhood :-)

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A greeting from Nob Hill

I know, selfies are soooo 2013. But who can resist it when you are walking through your favorite SF neighborhood to visit one of your favorite restaurants? :-)


Jake keeps on streaming gorgeous pics to me of our city taken from his drone. This one was taken just minutes ago with Jake himself standing right under the drone at the Battery Spencer lookout. Awesome.

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A Father in law Day Dinner

Sneaking up on Richard was one of the fun stuff we did before we had a Father's Day dinner yesterday. A bit awkward though as it was Richard (Sarah's dad and my father in law) who took us out for dinner - not the other way around. Isn't that kind of crummy?

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Monsters in your home

This is the second time this year we banish a Western Black Widow from our garage. Sarah named this one Priscilla. Priscilla the 2nd.

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All over The City

Rocksteady and WB are advertising pretty aggressively for their upcoming new Batman. They're all over the city, like in the Muni subway. I saw a young woman staring at it yesterday as if she had no clue what it was all about: What IS this, a new movie...?


It's all about games

Here's the Bethesda gamestudios' E3 2015 showcase with one of the most talented in the industry: Todd Howard. Enjoy!


It's all about food

While the ladies stayed at home Jason and I went to the North Beach festival. And it was packed. With food and people. So was Jason's stomach. God, that guy can EAT! Here he wants to sink his teeth into the Hawaiian BBQ.

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All these barbeques

Yesterday we had one of our impromptu bbqs with our Ubi friends. And as always I feel a little bit more human than the others when I look at the meat eaters grill...

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No water but still green

Despite the drought I think we manage to keep our backyard alive AND worthy our neighborhood. We intend to keep up with the regulations throughout this drought. That goes without saying.


Heat advisory

Boy it's gonna be hot tomorrow Monday. And we have to drive to Livermore to get some stuff from Sarah's rental. Triple digits are expected. Not cool. Literally.


Our hometown from above

Jake has been experimenting with his drone and took these great pics of our Sausalito. Isn't this the most beautiful place to live!


Fallout 4 announced

This morning I smiled all the way to the store. It's delivery day of our favorite breakfast bread. And Bethesda has just announced FALLOUT 4!

You simply have to cherish all those little things in life, right?


How brown is your lawn?

June is here and the mandatory water cut rule is in effect. Some of our neighbors seem not to have heard of this but this time it's serious folks. A $48 fine for overusing four times the average customer. We'll be watching you ;-)