Everyone needs 12gb of frame buffer :-)

I have always been a PC gamer. Not that consoles aren't good enough. I think games ought to be played in a nice chair on a 60 inch TV screen - not leaned forward over a keyboard. But I like good visuals and to be able to tweak stuff, visuals as well as UI and configuration files. And now Nvidia has announced its latest $3000 monster GPU: Titan Z. Do I have to get it? I don't think so, but part of me wants to say: Does the sun rise in the east?


Going to Amsterdam

Going to meet up with Sarah in Amsterdam for the last time before I go to San Francisco again in May. The new enlarged Terminal 2 at Arlanda Airport is looking good.


Worse than NYC

San Francisco is ranked in at the 3rd most congested major metropolitan area in North America. Does not come as a surprise. I love The City but the traffic is murderous.

Photo: Justin Sullivan


East bay

"Berkeley? Claremont Hills?" said Sarah yesterday on the phone when I talked to her from a gray and boring Swedish late winter weather and she from a soaking wet, just as gray but so much warmer San Francisco weather. "I don't think so but I'll check it out if you want!"

Yes, it's another property on display. But this time on the "wrong" side of the bay (Sarah's words) but with a heck of a nicer price tag. You can check it out HERE.

Photo: Liz Rusby