Happy Halloween everyone!

Do yourselves a favor and trick yourselves some treats! :-)


To conquer the world

And guess who's always working... who's always online... who's always travelling the world...

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Here we go

Yesterday Bethesda reported that Fallout 4 has gone gold. A reason to laugh or cry depending on how much free time you have on your hands.


Tales to tell a tale about

Click the picture for a review of Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5


Back to Stockholm

It's been a hectic weekend in Paris and now I'm back at CDG to catch the 8pm flight back to Stockholm.

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Waking up to a rainbow

A rather chilly and cloudy Sunday morning in Paris.

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Taking to the sky again

Boarding the 7.25pm AF flight to Paris again...

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Still summer

Tomorrow Wednesday Sarah will be returning to San Francisco after 6 weeks in Hong Kong. She told me on the phone she's pretty fed up with the cramped metropolis. "In San Francisco I can breathe and just be myself", she said. And that's one of the wonderful things about our hometown: it's fresh and has a completely unique atmosphere. And - compared to the cold and dark Stockholm I'm currently trying to cope with - San Francisco is still summer warm. Yesterday on October 12 it was 88 degrees. I'm definitely happy to at least be able to go to Paris on Friday!


No drones during Fleet Week

Neither Sarah nor I will be in San Francisco during the Fleet Week this year, starting today Monday 5th. It's a fun festival but you get pretty tired of the roaring steel monsters over your head after a few days. And this year there has been issued a drone ban with a $10,000 fine for violators. Did you hear that, Jake? We love your gorgeous aerial pics of our beautiful city but keep your Phantom 2 Quadcopter in the garage for your own sake brother.


This got to stop

I'm not an American - yet. But when things like this happen I feel very much like one. We have been struck in our hearts - again. And we should listen - again - to our President who is, contrary to what a lot of conservative gun owning Americans think, absolutely right on this point.