Cooper, Maher or Blitzer at your table this year?

So, how was your sacred Thanksgiving dinner? Speaking lovingly about what to buy or not to buy on the Black Friday sale? Or did you talk politics, after all? If you did, did you use the new mobile moderator app?


Happy awkward Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The whole holiday weekend may be awkward (se picture), even the dinner itself. But promise you won't spoil it by throwing politics at the table. Not this year.

Photo: Awkward Family Photos


Say something nice

More of this people!


Time for a "Calexit"?

Should we make California a separate country? Should we secede over Trump?


Do your duty!

It's Election Day, folks. You know what to do.


The City awaits you

Jonathan talks to Chris Watters about WD2 and the challenges to create The City just as wonderful in the game as in real life.

Check out the video HERE!