Sarah went to Chicago this morning so I'm taking it easy, zapping through the channels on the TV, munching snacks and just chilling.

From iPad

Broadway view

Broadway with the beautiful Bay Bridge in the distance.

A neighborhood to die for

Green street facing west. North Beach, San Francisco.

Get in shape

The steeper the streets are, the more San Fran they get. Filbert Street, North Beach.

For it is a human number...

The Saint Peter & Paul Cathedral in North Beach has a funny street address: 666 Filbert Street!

A brand new day

Early Thursday morning over lower Nob Hill, San Francisco.


Cosy living

A cosy block in the financial district of San Francisco.

One pointedness

The recycle bin and the Transamerica pyramid point in the same direction. That's San Fran right there. Photo taken from Columbus/Stockton intersection.

Tony gives me a break

Tony's, one of the best pizzas in town. Full stop.

All these familiar places, filled with memories and love...

Russian Hill from Washington Square Park, San Francisco.

Gorgeous North Beach

After dealing with my online students I went out to practice with my new camera today. This is my favorite park in San Francisco, Washington Square Park in North Beach. But you probably already knew that...


Gotta love gifts!

I got a brand new Canon Rebel T5i (700D) from Sarah in a combined birthday and welcome gift! It's going to take a few days to explore and understand the thingy but... I'm on it!

G'morning San Francisco

Late Sunday morning view from our downtown apartment (temporary rental).



30 000 feet above California, my home.

Are we there yet?

This is how the poor travelers look like after almost 10 hours in the cabin.

Lights out

Somewhere over southern Canada...



The wifi is free now at Arlanda Airport. It took an eternity for them to open up this service which is something you should view as self evident at any modern airport. It's a sign-up procedure though and you need a cell phone to receive an activation code. But what the heck, it's working.

From laptop

Going home

Finally time for me to go back to San Francisco again. I'll be flying to Copenhagen and then with SAS to The City. It will be interesting to fly with Scandinavian as they are fresh on the job. The destination is new to them.

From laptop



Yesterday the wacky 102nd Bay to Breakers race/party was celebrated in San Francisco.
30 000 runners ran, walked or crawled (did anyone do that after all the jello shots?) the 7.5 mile stretch from the bay to the ocean. Springtime San Francisco is full of party and celebrations. The Union Street festival and the North Beach festival is just around the corner. And so am I. I'll fly in on May 25th.

Photo: Michael Short


Magnolia blossom

Downtown Stockholm has been bathing in warm sunshine a couple days and all the trees are waking up. Today I saw this beautiful Magnolia. I have always liked those big and chunky flowers on the leafless naked branches. It's as if the flowers want to greet spring before the rest of the plant.


Oakland rising

Believe it or not, Oakland made it into no 1 as the most exciting city in America according to Movoto. You gotta be kidding, right? And by exciting you mean things like getting shot, right? Nope, there are ten criteria and all of them are about good stuff. Check it out right here.

Photo: Oakland Tribune


Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday on Saturday May 4th the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival was celebrated in Dolores Park. In gorgeous Californian sunny weather thousands of people geared up for the Cinco de Mayo proper, which is today of course, the 5th. I wasn't able to participate as I'm still in Sweden for three more weeks but my friends sent me this photo. San Francisco at its best :-)


My San Francisco

Sometimes you bump into a really nice video about San Francisco with tourist-y implications but made very delicately in all its turns. This one is a very fine one recently added on Youtube by Japan Airlines. If you have been to San Francisco you'll definitely feel the vibe and atmosphere of The City in this quiet and down paced video.