No way

Maxing out GTA V in 4K with 3 (!) Nvidia 980 cards sounds promising, right? Unfortunately the vram doesn't stack so you'll be sitting in front of your monitor with an average framerate of 6.2. Yep, so much for your expensive powerhorse. Check out some other framerate guzzlers HERE.


The Heart of San Francisco

Sarah's friend Brooke works at The San Francisco SPCA. Check out this cute video.


Never ending beauty

Sunset over San Francisco. One of the many great pics taken from Jake's drone.


6 million reasons to live in the Bay Area - or not?

Guess how much moolah you need to be considered "wealthy" in the Bay Area? Put down you coffee cup first. $6 million. Yep. And $1 million to be considered "comfortable". You've got the figures right HERE if you want to know more. Craazee!


Ash & Embers

The most brilliant game series of all time unveils it's 3rd installment today. Say goodbye to work, family and sleep. Or simply don't touch the game at all. Because you WILL be caught in its grip if you press that button: DARK SOULS III. Whatever your decision, do watch the beautiful launch trailer below:


I agree...

I can't help it. I have to post this. It's hilarious. Period.


Now get on with the tracks as well

The new BART railcars were showcased last Wednesday in Hayward. They're sleekier and have more doors and the system map will be shown on a monitor instead of a poster. The old cars have more or less looked the same since 1972 so it's about time the Bay Area commuters get to ride in a more future proof train set. Let's hope the agency will step up the cleaning as well. How many of us have been able to look out the windows without paying sad attention to the dirty dirty panes? Never have I seen clean windows on a BART car. Ever.


Strong finish

With a metascore of 90 the last installment (as of now) of the highly praised Dark Souls series makes a strong finish. Check out some of the reviews below.



Attention well deserved

One of yesterday's best game related April Fools' jokes was The Witcher 3: Roach. Check out the video.