Montreuil, Paris

Good Saturday morning, Montreuil! Good to see you again :-)

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Flying to Paris over the weekend

It's been a busy week. Currently boarding the 7.25pm AF 1063 flight to Paris. Great fun! It's been a while since I met up with my French Ubi friends :-)

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A quick job meeting

Flew to Malmö for a quick meeting yesterday. The airport coach was most comfortable. Better than any I've ridden sofar.

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Home sweet home

You know you love the California climate when you even miss the scorchers after only 2 frickin weeks...


Morning fog

Just like San Francisco Hong Kong can wake up with some morning fog. This is Sarah's view from her hotel room.

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Sweet Pacific Ocean

Jake keeps on teasing with his aerial photos from back home. This is Stinson Beach. Hardly two weeks yet in Sweden and I already long to go back home!


DS3 gameplay

Dark Souls 3 will be released in North America in April 2016. Below is a 4 minute gameplay video embedded. It's a lot of Bloodborne in it. For better or worse, depending on taste.


Now that'd be something!

Sometimes tweets are so smack-in-the-face-right that you simply fall silent. Just imagine, Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us) yanking Half Life out of Valves clutch and actually DOING something with the long dead franchise. I could easily endorse that!


The Peak

Sarah's in Hong Kong again and she usually starts her stay by taking the tram up The Peak to gawk at the city view. Sure is a spectacular city.

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Chillin' by the waterfront

Yay, I'm in Stockholm again! Chilly but sunny. Nice!

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Personal chef this time?

I can see my SAS flight being packed with all kinds of useful stuff. 11 hours is a long, tiresome and occasionally hungry flight. But interesting? Nah, not after all these years.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day everyone! Sarah and I will be celebrating the holiday weekend with labor traveling. As usual, she goes to China in September and will stay in Hong Kong until mid-October this time around. I'll be leaving SF too and go to Sweden/France. Take care out there. And remember that only love can save the world.

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All things beautiful

When I arrived with the ferry this afternoon, the Bay and San Francisco in the distance was particularly beautiful.

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Still green and lush

Despite the drought, we have managed to keep the narrow eastern side of our garden lot green and lush. Walking down the stairs is a joy, especially early mornings when the dew still covers the foliage.

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Busy Wednesday morning

A regular busy Wednesday morning.

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