Feel at Home

One of my absolute RTS favorites and an overall PC game favorite of all time is the Homeworld franchise. 16 years after its original release Gearbox has put together an HD version of the first and third installment of the franchise (HW1 & HW2). The UI is overhauled and they have made a few other tweaks as well. The HW1 is now running on the HW2 engine and next to everything looks better, shinier and more at "home" than back in the day for a modern gamer with demands on graphics and physics. If you never picked this one up you really should give it a go. It's fun and has a lot of atmosphere, and it's totally 3D. You can manoeuvre from up, down and not just in an isometric kind of way. You'll find it on Steam.



GGB and the Presidio is gorgeous this time of the year, green and lush. Sarah's friend Kathy took this pic the other day.


All Hearts' Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

In Sweden it's actually called "All Hearts' Day" which I find more appropriate and sweeter.

This is also the very day we sped up our wedding plans after Sarah's accident in Denver 3 years ago.


We're ready for a next-gen wasteland

For the first time ever Bethesda is going to hold a press conference at the E3 in Los Angeles in June. The first thought that surfaces in our heads is: Are they going to announce a new Fallout? It's certainly about time and we can at least hope for it...


The only place to be

A lot of famous people have said a lot of good things about our City. HERE are a few of them.