The City in the summer haze

Through one of our oldest garden trees downtown San Francisco is visible. Awesome.


Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day dear friends! We just finished our breakfast and are preparing for a relaxed holiday. Later this evening we are invited to Sarah's dad Richard for a dinner. It's actually catering but when my dear father in law invites us for dinner it's so sweet!!!


Summer pattern

Memorial weekend coming up and so does the heat. Sarah comes back from Chicago on Sunday and she wants to go to Livermore to get some of her off season stuff, as she calls it. Livermore + heat = no fun...


One of a kind... kinda

Everyone who can see our house from here please raise your hand!

From iPad


Work coming up...

After the water leak in our neighbor's garage in early March we have assessed the condition of our own (they are built in a set of three) and found it in need of new pipes. Hmm... guess we'll have ourselves a chance to clean out our extremely cosy garage, honey.


We all leave our hearts in San Francisco

We all know there are big plans for the man made Treasure Island, the biggest yet in San Francisco. But now also George Lucas is chiming in on it. His museum first "went" to Chicago after leaving the Presidio, but there's a law in nature that says what's once been to San Francisco always returns. Go Lucas, go!


Love you honey

San Francisco is the greatest city on earth. We all know that. But it's also getting better and better for bees (!). Check out the video for yet another example of the sustainable and progressive insights nurtured by this great city.


Blondie's down

Blondie's pizza, the pizza-by-the-slice joint everyone coming to San Francisco at least passes by on Powell has been shut down due to "severe cockroach infestation". Now let me see... what was their best topping...


What has "an irresponsible amount of performance"?

The new Nvidia GTX 1080. It's faster than two 980 in SLI and a beast of a card. Maxwell is thus being outdated and Pascal is the new King. No third party benchmarks have been done yet so stay tuned. The GTX 1080 will be out on May 27th. And it will break the bank. Big time.


How good is it? [update: It's really good!]

Today, May 5th at 12:01 am PT/03:01 ET the Uncharted 4 embargo is being lifted. So expect reviews to pop up out there.

[update] And here are a few of them: