Gorgeous late September Saturday

Absolutely gorgeous late summer day in Paris today (25C/77F). I'm invited to some festivities related to the Ubi 30 years anniversary. Before dinner I actually had the opportunity to "climb" the Arc de Triomphe :-)

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A monster hunter guarding your precious love letter

Damien Monnier tweeted that Geralt of Rivia is getting his own stamp in Poland. Awesome!


Hong Kong Blues

Every fall Sarah goes to Hong Kong for a 6-week business trip. Whenever she gets the opportunity she tries to understand the Hong Kong visitors and tourists seldom encounter. In her eyes HK is totally unique with endless possibilities and scary limitations at the same time.

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We Are One

15 years ago the world - not only the US - changed forever. This very day on September 11 2001 the old world order grinded to a halt. The incident on lower Manhattan and at the Pentagon and Shanksville had not only terrible ramifications in terms of human suffering but also alerted each and everyone of us that we are all tied together. The world is One and there are no winners in this world unless we love each other, no matter what happens: war, terror or crime.

Sarah is in China and I'm in Sweden/France as always this time of the year. It's funny how often we are apart - but how this very fact makes us closer to each other than ever. A tremendous fact that is worth surfacing in our mind on this very day: Love makes us human and whole.


Waiting for boarding

Got my own booth to work at :-)

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September travel month is here

Sarah caught her Hong Kong flight already at 1pm and I'm waiting for my Copenhagen flight. It departs at 5.35pm.

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San Francisco International Airport is - as far as I know - the only airport that displays departures in alphabetical order instead of according to their departure time.

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Our guardian garden moon

Our garden moon is gonna be watching our garden while we're away.

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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Per & Sarah