Being afraid of Halloween has a word

There are names for all kinds of phobias, worth mentioning now when Halloween weekend is here. Recently there have been a lot of media reports on killer clowns scaring the living daylight out of people. There's actually a word for being afraid of them: Coulrophobia. But did you know there is a word for being afraid of Halloween itself? Samhainophobia. Awesome word.

Happy Halloween, ya'll!

Halloween's coming

The Halloween weekend is here. I was looking through some old pics the other day and found photos from back in 2011 when Sarah and I rented an apartment on Pine street. I remember the guys in the lobby were pranksters and always wacky. The place is now long gone and turned into some luxurious long term rental complex. That's how things go eventually in San Francisco. The City turns more and more into a community for the rich. Sad.


Where there's life - there's hope

This video made my day. Of hope. And confidence. That man is good. After all.


Red Dead is Alive

We all knew it HAD to be coming eventually. It was such a huge success for Rockstar that another one GOT to be in the works. 7 years after the first one Red Dead Redemption 2 will finally arrive. In 2017. The first trailer arrives on Thursday at 11am ET.


Sarah's going back to the Bay Area

This weekend Sarah is returning to the Bay Area after 6 weeks in the most vertical city on earth - Hong Kong. She won't go back to our house in Sausalito though as she's not comfortable being all by herself in such a big house. She'll be staying in her rental in Livermore until I get back from my chores in Sweden/France.


Happy Columbus Day!

Did Columbus really "discover" America? Or was it someone else? Be that as it may, Happy Columbus Day - anyway!